An Intensive 10-day Training Course

Leading through Agility, Resilience and Emotional Intelligence


This course is split in two modules:

Module 1: Leading Through Resilience and Agility
Module 2: Advanced Emotional Intelligence

Each module is structured and can be taken as a stand-alone training course; however, delegates will maximise their benefits by taking Module 1 and 2 back-to-back as a 2-week training course.

Training Methodology

This highly interactive training course uses a variety of approaches to learning, including in-room and online games and challenges, role-play and practice, experiential group activities; individual visioning exercises; and syndicate discussions.

A key part of the learning process is sharing the differing work and life experiences participants bring to the table. It offers an opportunity to experiment with novel, and sometimes challenging techniques within a safe and creative environment.

Course Outline

Module 1: Leading Through Resilience and Agility

Day 1

Introduction to Personal Resilience

  • Defining resilience
  • Why resilience is so important to the modern leader
  • Discover how to build personal resilience
  • Knowing your inner strengths and values
  • Taking responsibility for your mind and attitude
  • The Psychology behavioural patterns when sudden change occurs
  • Remaining calm when others are panicking around you.
  • Mindfulness and the ability to take yourself out of a situation

Day 2

Understanding Behavioural Styles when Under Pressure

  • Knowing and understanding your own Behavioural Style
  • Negotiation Style Assessment
  • Approaches to deal with different behavioural styles
  • Team mapping for fast deployment
  • Winning over those in power
  • Developing a Communication Style that wins trust
  • Assertively giving directions to others
  • Developing your key strengths

Day 3

Developing Agility

  • Defining agility
  • Understanding the importance of agility to modern leaders
  • Discover the characteristics of agile leaders
  • Gain the confidence to take decisions under pressure
  • Dealing with high pressure environments
  • Quickly adapting to unforeseen challenges
  • Knowing and Maintaining your Sources of inner Power
  • The ability to quicky assess risk versus outcomes

Day 4

Building Resilient and Agile Teams

  • Emotional Intelligence and its Role in building agile teams
  • Creating an agile team environment
  • Giving greater autonomy to team members
  • Developing mindfulness as a strategy for team resilience
  • How to use meetings to talk openly about feelings
  • Developing effective feedback loops
  • Rewarding those who show resilience and agility

Day 5

Dealing with Overthinking, Worry and Stress

  • Learn the difference between concern, worry and stress
  • Living in day tight compartments
  • Learn the common signs of stress in yourself and others
  • Understanding the worry loop and how to get out of it
  • Practical steps to overcome worry
  • Dealing with acute stress

Module 2: Advanced Emotional Intelligence

  • Gain Mastery of our Emotions
  • Pacing Conflicts
  • Priority Conflicts
  • Deepest Needs of the Human Heart
  • Deficit Motivation
  • Abundance Motivation
  • Causes of Anxiety
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Dealing with Cognitive Distortions
  • Human Development


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.


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