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Market Segments and Positioning (Part 4)

Market Segments Marketing is a relatively new discipline, emerging in the early 1900s in the University of Illinois and University of Pennsylvania...


An Overview of Brand Values and Associations (Part 3)

What are Brand Values? As mentioned in previous article, brand values represent what the brand stands for, for example luxurious, innovative, rel...


Brand Architecture and Equity (Part 2)

Brand Architecture Think about why we need architects – large commercial buildings are complicated and have to be designed carefully so that the...


An Overview of Strategic Brand Management (Part 1)

What is Brand Management? Most people will be familiar with the term ‘brand management’, thinking of companies such as Apple®, one of the mos...


Formulating Strategy in a Difficult Business Environment

Firms often build their strategic plans using an annual cycle, mapping to the financial cycle, meaning that they have to issue top down objective...


Leading the Revolution

Professor Klaus Schwab, the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, defines the initial industrial revolutions as the transport...

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