An Interactive 5-Day Training Course

Leadership Development

Self-awareness, Skills & Strategies

Course Introduction

You must be able to lead yourself first before leading others.

Leaders are often regarded as role models. They are looked upon as having integrity, experience and the ability to make the right decisions. However, before being able to lead others effectively, it is vital that a leader can lead him or herself first.

This OXFORD Leadership Development training program provides practical tools and the technical skills needed to grow their personal leadership presence. The best leaders understand their own self-awareness and can utilise this internal strength to influence the direction of others.

Leaders are placed in a position of responsibility with expectations that are constantly changing and challenging it is essential to lead by example to make you a better leader for others. This course will help leaders understand how their example impacts on work performance and interactions within the organisation. It highlights ways for participants to ensure they control and focus their self-awareness, skills and strategies to increase their productivity for ‘task efficiency’ and ‘relational effectiveness’. Participants will undertake a unique and individual leadership journey to help you develop the clear strategies to grow as an effective and influential leader. powerful understanding, key effective skills.


  • Understand leadership from a new and higher-level perspective
  • Analyse your preferred leadership style for greater effectiveness
  • Discover and develop further your intrinsic leadership qualities
  • Grow in personal power, influence and impact
  • Develop the critical interpersonal skills essential for leading others
  • Understanding leadership through a personal self-development journey

Who Should Attend?

This OXFORD Management training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit all individuals who wish to improve their leadership skills and develop their personal power and effectiveness.

  • Team Leaders and Supervisors with leadership responsibilities
  • Managers seeking career development
  • Managers recently appointed to leadership roles
  • Managers requiring strategies to grow as effective and influential leaders
  • Leaders wishing to develop self-awareness and personal impact

Course Outline

  • Undertake a Leadership Self-Development journey
  • Assess Leadership Potential more clearly
  • Recognise Self-Emotions as well as the Emotions of others
  • Improve Communicate, Resolve Conflict, Influence and Work with others
  • Become a more Self-Aware and Influential Leader
  • Understand and Relate to People in the Organisation
  • Deal with difficult people and HR problems
  • Develop skills that are now considered to have greater impact on Organisational Performance than traditional Measures of Intelligence such as IQ
  • Promote Increased Employee Cooperation, Increased Motivation, Increased Productivity, and Increased Profits
  • Accelerate your Career Development


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.




All Training Courses delivered by Oxford Management by default are eligible for CPE Credit.

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