An Intensive 10-day Training Course

The Boston Global Strategic and Operational Management Programme

Sustaining Excellent Performance and Driving Organisational Change

Course Introduction

This Oxford Management Centre training programme will equip you to address two major challenges that we face in contemporary business: the ability to think and plan strategically and to successfully implement those plans by being highly effective, full-range, operational managers. This includes the need to develop ourselves and our people to deal with major changes in markets, competitive structures, technology operational relationships and organisational structures. These two, fast paced Oxford modules offer you the opportunity to improve your strategic management capability based on the application of leading-edge thinking and best practice in the development of national and international operations.

In addition it will equip you with the very latest insights, models, tools and skills to boost your effectiveness as a full-range, operational manager, thus helping you to stand out from your colleagues and transform your performance and reputation and those of your department and organisation.

This will be achieved by making explicit both the differences and the complementarities of both managing and leading. The expansive and, sadly, poorly defined art and science of management is one of the least understood and inadequately implemented organisational functions essential to all operations. This pair of Oxford modules has therefore been assigned to help you cover the full range of management functions using a dynamic, powerful and highly practical new model of management practice that will perfectly complement your enhanced strategic management capabilities.

These modules will highlight for you:

  • Structural change in international business and its implications for strategic management
  • Aligning strategy, structure, culture and operations
  • Developing our teams for the new challenges of 21st century business
  • Designing and resourcing strategic plans that can be executed effectively
  • Managing the effective execution of strategic plans
  • The critical differences between management and leadership and, paradoxically, how they complement each other
  • The five pairs of management functions that are required in today's organisations
  • The 'meta' core skills that need to be mastered by both managers and leaders
  • The psychology of management
  • Disruptive new management practices and principles


At the end of this training course, The Boston Global Business Strategy and Management Programme, delegates will leverage their experience and deepen their strategic planning and operational management skills as follows:

  • Setting demanding and realistic strategic and operational goals and targets
  • Strengthening alignment of strategic and operational management
  • Improving and developing strategic thinking in the whole team
  • Know with certainty, throughout your working day, what management function you need to display- from the full range available to you
  • Retain valuable traditional management functions and implement highly effective new approaches
  • Understand the situation awareness, communication and influence imperatives of your role

Training Methodology

This Oxford, Boston Global Business Strategy and Management Programme training course is designed as a highly interactive learning and personal development opportunity for experienced managers. The methodology is based on participative learning and sharing of experience. This will involve detailed analysis of strategic issues and decisions using real-life case examples for discussion and case studies for group work. This will involve applying leading-edge analytical tools. It will be based substantially on strategic decisions in real-life situations in which the course leader has been personally involved, so that outcomes can be presented, discussed and evaluated for their applicability in each delegate's own organization.

Organisational Impact

By sending delegates to this training course, the organisation will gain the following benefits:

  • Better decision-making leading to improved business performance
  • Development and cascading of strategic thinking across the whole organisation
  • More ambitious targeting and goal setting at all levels of organisation
  • Able to use an understanding of personality and communication psychology to optimise the performance of their staff
  • Fully aware of the serious limitations of traditional management practices in obtaining performance from their multi-generational workforce
  • Comfortable adopting an increasingly facilitative rather than directive role

Personal Impact

By attending this training course delegates can expect to gain the following personal development benefits:

  • Detailed appreciation of the trends that influence 21st century business development
  • Understanding the best practice in aligning strategic and operational management
  • Learning how to use tools and techniques of strategic analysis and planning
  • Understanding yourself and others better and being able to elicit the discretionary effort of your staff
  • Knowing that your decisions and actions are being informed by one of the most carefully researched models of management available everywhere
  • Being able to stand out from your colleagues when observed by your organisation's senior management

Who Should Attend?

This training course is suitable to a wide range of Ambitious Professionals, but will greatly benefit:

  • Managers and Leaders that require a high-level understanding of strategic and operational management
  • Experienced specialists in corporate finance
  • Human Resource Managers who contribute to long- term staff development
  • Specialists in supply chain design and logistic systems
  • Leaders, Managers and Supervisors aspiring to more senior positions
  • Individuals who are making the transition to a senior management team on board-level role

Course Outline

Module 1: The Boston Advanced Operational Management Programme

  • Appreciate the Vital Importance of Displaying the Five Pairs of Full-Range Management Abilities
  • Targeting and Tailoring your Communication and Influence and also Developing your Emotional Intelligence and Political Intelligence
  • Fulfilling your Crucial Operationalisation and directing remit by translating your Strategic Plan into an Implementation Plan
  • Transforming your Team or Department into a Self-Managing and Self-Organising Unit that you can safely delegate tasks to
  • Strategies to Resource your Staff and enable them to Play to their Strengths
  • Monitoring and Controlling your Staff and deciding on your Key Performance Metrics
  • Providing Timely, Relevant and Actionable Feedback to your Staff and Redirecting Unhelpful Behaviours they might Display
  • Fulfilling your Function as a Catalyst or Enabler for your Team
  • How to Plan in the Emerging, New Employment Reality of ‘Knowledge Workers’, Older Employees, The Multi-Generational Workplace, Globalisation, Automation and Artificial Intelligence?
  • Constructing your Personal Career Advancement Strategy


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.



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