An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Creating a Positive Work Culture in Organisations

Leveraging Your Work Climate for Business Success

Course Introduction

This Creating a Positive Work Culture in Organisations training course is designed to provide leaders and mangers with the skills and insights they need to create a positive work culture in their organizations. Participants will learn about the crucial importance of workplace culture, as well as the impact of culture on their organizations ability to compete effectively in today’s challenging market environments.

Work culture - it is the shared values, beliefs and behaviors that can propel organizations towards success - or hold them back and sabotage their progress. Time and again, research tells us that the quality of an organizations culture plays a critical role when it comes to attracting the most talented people into the organization – and it is a key driver of employee engagement and team productivity. Ultimately, culture is a critical pathway towards profitability and overall business success. The ability of leaders and managers to create, shape and maintain a positive workplace culture, therefore, is crucial.

This Oxford Management Centre training course will highlight:

  • The key building blocks that lead to a positive work culture
  • Leadership behaviors that make or break your work culture
  • Culture as a driver of engagement, productivity, and high performance
  • Spotting and eliminating obstacles to a positive culture
  • Embedding and maintaining positive cultural values and behaviors


At the end of this Creating a Positive Work Culture in Organisations training course, you will have learned how to:

  • Generate the conditions that lead to a positive work culture
  • Apply leadership behaviors that bring your culture to life
  • Analyze your current culture and make positive changes
  • Shape a culture that attracts and keeps the best talent
  • Design a cultural context that leads to organizational success

Training Methodology

This training course utilizes a blended learning approach, and it employs a variety of adult learning techniques such as action learning, group discussions, video case studies and self-reflection exercises. The resulting variety helps delegates to stay engaged throughout the training course, feel challenged and draw quick wins for their own development. It also ensures delegates will receive opportunities to link their learning to the real-world challenges they face back in the workplace.

Organisational Impact

Organizations of those who attend this course will benefit in a number of ways:

  • A re-vitalized, positive organizational culture
  • Increased ability to attract and retain the best talent
  • Increased competitiveness and ability to achieve outcomes
  • Higher staff engagement and productivity
  • Leveraging culture to drive business success
  • Decreased disengagement, absenteeism, and workplace disputes

Personal Impact

Attendees will benefit in a variety of ways:

  • Develop the skills to positively affect your company’s culture
  • Learn insights that will help you elicit high performance with less effort
  • Improve the relationship between you and your team
  • Discover the key levers that drive a positive culture
  • Identify and eliminate the hindrances to a productive culture
  • Create the conditions for a culture of innovation and creativity

Who Should Attend?

This Creating a Positive Work Culture in Organisations training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit: 

  • HR Directors and Managers
  • Learning & Development Professionals
  • HR Business Partners
  • Talent Management Professionals
  • Senior Business Leaders
  • People Managers and Team Leaders at all levels

Course Outline

Day 1 

Creating the Foundation for a Positive Work Culture 

  • Work culture – What exactly is it?
  • The business case for building a positive culture
  • Your culture – Where are you now? (Cultural assessment)
  • The hallmarks of a positive work culture
  • Laying the foundation on which culture can thrive

Day 2 

Leadership Behaviors that Enable your Culture 

  • Generating leadership self-awareness
  • Managers as enablers and gatekeepers of culture
  • How Emotional Intelligence permeates and shapes culture
  • How to foster a high-engagement culture
  • Developing leadership strategies that bring your culture to life

Day 3 

Building a High-Performance Culture 

  • The 12 building blocks that create the ‘cultural context’
  • How to drive a culture of clarity
  • Building relations that underpin a high-performance culture
  • Employee growth and development – The engine of performance
  • Aligning goals and objectives with your organizational culture

Day 4 

Leveraging Culture to Attract and Keep Top Talent 

  • Culture and the war for talent
  • Recruiting for ‘cultural fit’
  • On-boarding new recruits into your culture
  • Embedding and maintaining your culture to keep your best talent
  • Creating ‘cultural ambassadors’
  • Creating a culture of creativity and innovation

Day 5 

Purpose – The Soul of Your Organizational Culture 

  • Connecting with your organization’s purpose
  • Why purpose and culture are inseparable
  • Bringing your positive culture to life
  • Consolidation of key learning
  • Next steps


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.



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