An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Leadership Bootcamp for HR Professional

Building Organisational Performance through Effective HR Management

Course Introduction

This intensive Leadership Bootcamp for HR Professional training course is designed to equip potential HR leaders with the insights and thinking needed to bring HR to the boardroom and take its rightful place at a strategic level. Many HR professionals find that their ability to progress their career within their organisations to higher management and board level is limited not by their ability and skills but by the perception that HR is not always a mainstream and strategic activity. 

The ability to present convincing arguments at the highest level for investment in people in terms of training, development and associated HR activities demands professionals who are regarded as highly competent and respected for their knowledge and visible contribution to the bottom line.  This ability is a critical skill for all ambitious HR professionals.  This training course will equip delegates with the necessary skills and confidence.

This Leadership Bootcamp for HR Professional training course will feature:

  • Stimulating exercises and role plays which are planned carefully to allow delegates to examine and undertake real-life situations and experiences.  
  • Active participation to practice and apply different skills and styles – experience which can be taken back to the workplace.
  • Extensive and constructive feedback throughout the course from the tutor, from fellow delegates and from self-review.


By the end of this Leadership Bootcamp for HR Professional training course, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate the contribution of HR to the overall success of the organisation
  • Appreciate the links between HR and other success critical activities
  • Identify and develop critical skills needed for strategic decision-making
  • Develop effective persuasive and discursive skills
  • Show the HR professional and their function as competent and respected

Training Methodology

This Leadership Bootcamp for HR Professional training course will be presented in a highly interactive style with Individual and group activities which will intersperse the sessions. A variety of practical sessions including Case Studies, Role Plays, and group inter-action are programmed into this course along with self-report questionnaires. These sessions are informative, inspiring, fun, and presented in a relaxing atmosphere, that is conducive to learning. The success of this training course is centred on the needs of delegates and their active contributions. Each day will conclude with a keynote activity based on the day’s topics.

Who Should Attend?

This Leadership Bootcamp for HR Professional training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Human Resource or Personnel staff at middle to senior management level wishing to progress
  • Senior Managers who wish to consolidate, refresh and reinforce their knowledge and skills
  • Managers wishing to develop their HR thinking and understanding to work more effectively with HR specialists
  • It will be ideal for candidates who are intending to move into the highest levels of management or onto a Board and therefore need to refine their management skills quickly and efficiently

Course Outline

Day 1

HR Functions, Relation to other Functions and the Operating Environment

  • Development of HR from welfare to business partner
  • Specialist functions
  • Building bridges with other functions
  • Understanding the internal environment
  • Understanding the external environment

Day 2

What is Leadership, Management versus Leadership, Styles of Leadership

  • Defining Leadership
  • Differences between Management and Leadership
  • Understanding and applying different styles
  • Making the transition from Manager to Leader

Day 3

Importance of a Professional persona, Placing the HR Function at the Forefront

  • Marketing the HR function
  • Enhancing personal image and gaining respect
  • Becoming an expert communicator
  • ‘Master class’ session in presentation skills

Day 4

Strategic Thinking and Decision Making

  • Strategic versus tactical thinking
  • Models of decision-making
  • Summarising information into meaningful argument
  • Presenting a logical argument
  • Understanding and dealing with disagreement and objections
  • Dealing with conflict and confrontation

Day 5

Analysing Data to Understand Trends and make Accurate Forecasts

  • Turning HR Data into information to understand trends
  • Making numbers easy to understand
  • Presenting data
  • Making forecasts based on analysed information


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.

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