An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Advanced Time, Stress Management and Prioritization

Work Smarter

Course Introduction

This Work Smarter training course offers you the most current state of the art knowledge and skills in managing your time, dealing with your stress and enhancing your prioritization strategies you encounter on a daily basis. This training course will equip you with unique skills in managing your stress in work and in your life. It will impart to you the most current scientific knowledge in managing your time and learning how to prioritize your life to deal with the challenges of your work life.

Today’s workforce is experiencing high demands in the workplace and at home. Depending on what’s happening in different areas of our life, it’s how we respond to these demands that may add to our stress levels. In this training course you will learn how to deal with distortions in your perceptions and how to manage your body, mind and heart in a holistic manner. You will gain mastery over the challenges that gave you immense stress and become a more effective leader.

Participants attending this Work Smarter training course will develop the following skills:

  • Nurture healthy and dynamic leadership habits
  • Understand emotional responses and how to respond accordingly
  • Techniques to prioritize tasks in the workplace and at home
  • Improve stress management abilities
  • Support their organisation by delegating effectively


This Oxford Management Centre's Work Smarter training course aims to help participants achieve the following objectives: 

  • Identify the leader’s workload
  • Understand the importance of being aware of his or her emotions, habits and personality
  • Realize the importance of controlling emotions for healthy leadership
  • Cultivate skills for efficient time planning
  • Identify areas in the workload that can be delegated
  • Learn how to give constructive feedback to others
  • Use strategies to cope with stress
  • Prioritize and plan work tasks for productivity

Training Methodology

This training course combines presentations with practical examples, supported by video material and case studies to provide maximum benefit to the delegates. Delegates will be encouraged to contribute in relating workplace experiences

Organisational Impact

  • Improve efficiency in the organization
  • Team members work smarter
  • Reduce stress in work teams
  • Cultivate the ability to manage relationships & build networks
  • Innovative teamwork & corporate transformation

Personal Impact

  • Better skills to motivate own self
  • Applying stress management skills
  • Better time management techniques
  • Delegation skills to obtain optimal team performance
  • Handling pressure by setting the right priorities

Who Should Attend?

This Work Smarter training course is suitable for a wide range of professionals particularly those in:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to manage time and stress
  • Leadership Roles
  • Managers and Supervisors

Course Outline

Day 1

Develop Healthy Leadership

  • Workload analysis
  • Improving personal productivity
  • Understanding emotions, habits and personality
  • Learn how to control emotions
  • Strategies to cultivate healthy leadership

Day 2

Make More Time

  • Putting life into perspective
  • Changing our perspective
  • Setting SPIRIT goals
  • Guidelines for efficient planning
  • Finding ways to enhance your time management
  • Tips to avoid procrastination

Day 3

Successful Delegation

  • Why delegate?
  • Deciding what to delegate
  • Levels of delegation
  • Choosing the right person
  • Practicing delegation
  • Giving constructive feedback

Day 4

Reduce Your Stress

  • Understanding stress
  • Taking care of your body and mind
  • Mental strategies
  • The triple a approach
  • Managing workplace stress
  • Strategies to cope with everyday stress

Day 5

Effective Prioritization

  • Benefits of prioritization
  • Steps to prioritize your work
  • Exercises to determine priorities
  • Prioritization tools
  • Personal action plan


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.



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