An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Managing Conflict, Decision Making & Empowerment

Promoting Positive Working Behaviours

Course Introduction

Being able to manage conflict, as well as make the correct decision, and ensure you empower people to perform to the best of their ability are the key skills required by any effective leader and manager.  An AMA survey by Thomas & Schmidt found that managers spend between 18–26% of their time dealing with conflicts, that could arise from poor decision making and lack of empowerment; that can amount to 10 hours of valuable time per week!  Ensuring you create the right positive culture, have the ability to make effective decisions and empower your people to undertake the correct work will ensure overall success.

This Oxford training Course been specifically designed to help leaders and managers control and reduce negative conflict; make effective and efficient decisions to aid the empowerment of others to achieve maximum potential. The programme incorporates the latest research of Emotional Intelligence (EI), neuro-science, psychology, personality research and cutting-edge communication and influencing techniques.

This Oxford training Course will highlight:

  • Yours and others natural personality preferences for thinking, feeling, speaking and behaving that may trigger conflict – and help to manage it
  • Powerful conflict-management strategies to use in any conflict situation
  • Highly effective strategic and verbal techniques to provide effective decisions from your team
  • Utilise the key skills needed to make effective decisions to move people from negative to positive mindset
  • Master the art of empowering others to increase performance and personal potential


This Oxford training Course is designed to help you to:

  • Understand your own and other’s conflict personality profiles and preferred approaches to conflict situations
  • Deal with difficult people and situations using a large range of powerful techniques
  • Utilise powerful practical and psychological decision making techniques
  • Adapt practical decision making techniques to ensure positive and optimum outputs
  • Develop and perfect the art of empowerment to increase performance and personal potential

Training Methodology

This highly interactive and engaging Oxford training Course will use a range of approaches to learning, including experiential group activities, individual exercises, mini-case studies, role plays and discussions. Graphical materials and stimulating explanations will be used to introduce underlying models. A personal psychometric profile will be used to give you an insight into how your own and other’s personality can contribute to creating or resolving conflicts. In addition, the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode profile will reveal what a person’s default conflict-management strategy is and how to manage this.

Organisational Impact

By attending this Oxford training Course and applying the insights, your organization will benefit from:

  • Having a high-trust culture of openness, integrity and certainty
  • Stronger working relationships, greater collaboration and discretionary effort
  • Enhanced ability of employees to resolve their own problems and difficulties so avoiding extended disruptions
  • Reduced workplace stress and tension that results in improved morale
  • Constructive resolution of conflicts and challenges
  • Higher levels of organizational productivity

Personal Impact

As a leader, manager or supervisor, this Oxford training Course will help you to:

  • Recognize the warning signs of conflict early on
  • Address the issues quickly and effectively
  • Increase the overall productivity of your team or department
  • Focus on more important strategic and operational matters
  • Master a skill set that’s essential in more senior roles
  • Gain credibility in the eyes of senior management and others

Who Should Attend?

This Oxford course is suitable to a wide range of professionals who need to manage conflict situations as well as develop their decision making and empowering others to achieve success, including:

•Senior Managers
•Supervisory / Team Leaders
•HR & L&D Personnel

Course Outline

Day 1

Conflict and Personal Conflict Strategies

  • Defining the Nature, Types and Causes of Conflict
  • Conflict vs. Competition: When one overtakes the other
  • Benefits and Drawbacks of Conflict in the Workplace
  • The Power of Emotional Intelligence in Conflict Situations
  • Assessing your Conflict-Management Default Mode
  • Utilising the Circles of Concern and Influence
  • Key Motivations or Drivers of Individuals and Group

Day 2

Advanced Interpersonal Skills For Conflict Management

  • The Art to Successful Communication
  • Personality Preference Assessment: Communicating with Different Personalities
  • Using Powerful Questions to Gain the Right Information
  • Active Listening Skills to Validate others’ Needs
  • Building Rapport and the Circle of Trust Technique
  • Transactional Analysis: The Power of Questions
  • Perfecting the Art of Non-verbal Language Signals

Day 3

Decision Making Process through Positive Influence

  • Psychological Insights into Why and How we make Decisions
  • Models and Techniques for Decision Making
  • Group Decision Making: Optimising the best results
  • Master the Art of Positive Influence for Optimum Decision Making
  • Framing and Re-framing Issues to Facilitate Positive Outcomes

Day 4

Mastering Empowerment for Increased Performance

  • Applying the Key Factors for Empowerment
  • Defining the Perceptions of Performance Management
  • Utilsing Motivation and Job Enrichment Factors for Increased Performance
  • From Good to Excellent, ‘Power’ Empowerment Techniques
  • Coaching others to Excellence
  • Empowerment Role-Play and Analysis

Day 5

Developing an Empowering Culture for Success

  • Understanding the Key Factors in a Successful Organisation Culture
  • High-trust vs. Low-trust & ‘Toxic’ Organizational Cultures
  • Establishing appropriate Organisational Values and Behaviours
  • Making your organization a desirable place to work
  • Summary and Next Step


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.



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