An Interactive 5-Day Training Course

Evaluating Collaborative Development Opportunities

Due Diligence in Appraising Potential Investors and Partners

Course Introduction

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."  - Henry Ford

This comprehensive Oxford Management Centre training  course will demonstrate the analysis models, review processes, and evaluation tools that define high level due diligence when examining potential new investors and partners for the business.

It will help the senior management team learn skills and techniques to both screen key dimensions of new potential investors and partners, as well as differentiate the risk exposure and benefits about engaging outside resources in major projects – covering all facets of exhaustive due diligence in business decisions, market analysis, financial management, risk management, and strategic planning.

The Course will examine contemporary “best practices” to engage in high-profile research and review of investor and partnership profiles aimed at securing minimum favorability and alignment of operating and strategic priorities - helping team leaders become experts in professional due diligence that is objective and comprehensive in evaluating new partnership and investor opportunities.


Specifically you will learn to:

  • Identify the required profile characteristics of new partners
  • Identify the required expectations and risk positions of new investors
  • Evaluate the past performance and future potential of new investors and partners
  • Select and engage with the best alignments of new investors and partners
  • Anticipate and deal with the challenges of integrating new investors and partners
  • Measure the strategic impact of adding these new relationships
  • Improve creativity in developing new business partners and investors
  • Introduce best practice in high-level due diligence

Who Should Attend?

All individuals with a stake in opening and building new business opportunities:

  • All Leaders and Professionals who want to improve their due diligence skills-sets
  • Corporate Finance Officers evaluating new outside investors
  • Strategic Planners and Investment Analysts deciding on funding types and terms
  • Internal Auditors and Management Accountants building their analysis-review processes
  • Operation and Supply Chain Managers looking to improve matched value-chain competencies
  • Merger and Acquisition Specialists raising their screening-evaluation process-flow
  • Organizational Development Specialists wanting better functional matching in partnerships

Course Outline

  • Changing Dynamics of Global Business
  • Strategic Relevance of Due Diligence in Market Analysis
  • Strategic Relevance of Due Diligence in Financial Management and M+As
  • Market Analysis Data Search, Business Intelligence, Analytical Tools and Techniques
  • Market sector attractiveness and Performance Potential for sustainable profitable growth
  • Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash-flow Analysis
  • Evaluating the Financial Anatomy – Structure and Gearing, Robustness and Sustainability
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Tools and Techniques of Risk Analysis
  • Best Practices in Risk Management - A Structured Process and the emerging “Risk Engineering”
  • Alternative Approaches to Strategic Planning Balancing Short-term and Long-term Projects
  • Management and Control – dealing with Variance and Divergence


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.




All Training Courses delivered by Oxford Management by default are eligible for CPE Credit.

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