An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Developing Core Skills for Administrators & Secretaries

Effective Approaches to Handling Information and Inter-personal Communications

Course Introduction

Do you want to improve your performance at work? This training course on Developing Core Skills for Administrators & Secretaries will help you develop your skills that are  essential to being really effective at work. It teaches powerful approaches to handling information (including techniques for quickly finding key points in what you are reading) and gives useful suggestions about how to organise your thoughts and get your point across in emails, meetings, interviews and presentations.

How good is your memory? You'll get a chance to test your recall skills and then be shown how to use simple memory systems to remember information.

And what about relationships at work? You'll learn strategies for dealing with "difficult" people and for working in groups. The training course is fun, practical and inter-active. You'll develop your skills with easy to follow individual tasks and with enjoyable group activities.

This Oxford Management Centre training course offer great tips on:

  • How to get your point across clearly?
  • How to quickly find key messages in what you read? (in documents and on the web)
  • Improving communications with "difficult" people
  • Dealing with "time stealers" and organising your time to better achieve results
  • Clear thinking techniques


  • Improve your effectiveness at work
  • Take you to the next stage in efficient reading and note -making techniques
  • Update and Develop your approach to time management
  • Build your confidence in your ability to remember things
  • Help you improve inter-personal communications and team-working skills

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone wanting to raise personal efficiency levels and improve effectiveness
  • Administrators and Secretaries
  • Management and Professional Staff
  • People who want to succeed in an office environment
  • All Staff working in groups and project teams
  • Anyone wanting ideas for handling information overload in daily life

Course Outline

  • Memory Magic: How to Remember Things
  • Use Mind Mapping, The Extraordinary Note-Making, Planning, Thinking and Memory Tool
  • Taking your Reading to the Next Level (Read Better, Read Faster)
  • Strategies for Improving Communications with "Difficult" People
  • The Powerful Influence of "Body Language" (Speaking without Words)
  • Getting your Point Across: Know What to Say and When to Say It
  • Dealing with Time-Wasters (How to Protect your Productive Time)
  • Planning (What You have to Do); and Prioritisation (What You Must Do First)
  • Thinking and Working in Teams
  • Handling Information Overload at Work


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.



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