An Intensive 2-day Training Course

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Displaying Understanding, Executive Presence and Influence

Course Introduction

This Oxford Management Centre online training programme on Emotionally Intelligent Leader will be of great value if, as a leader, manager, or supervisor, you aspire to outstanding performance. With the fact that many employees are now working virtually, employees are wanting more support from their managers and leaders in order to feel engaged and part of a team. This online training programme provides you with practical techniques based on leading edge research on how to display emotional intelligence, strongly influence, effectively motivate others, and show executive presence.

Daniel Goleman, the foremost authority on Emotional Intelligence (EI) and professor of psychology at Harvard University, asserts that “For leadership positions, Emotional Intelligence competencies account for up to 87.5% of what sets outstanding managers apart from the average”. At its most basic level, EI is the capacity for recognising feelings and emotions in yourself and others, for managing and utilising them and consistently motivating yourself and others to achieve your strategic goals. At an organisational level, it is about optimising communication and collaboration within teams and departments.

At a personal level, EI will help you to cope with your workload, manage stress, function in increasingly complex business environments and balance these with the demands of your personal life. Indeed, research shows that if you demonstrate a high level of EI you will be better able to manage such demands, realise your career aspirations and fully utilise your knowledge, experience, and potential.

This online training programme, consequently, has been designed to address this vital skill set using Daniel Goleman’s powerful and pragmatic five-base model of EI.


This online training programme on The Emotionally Intelligent Leader is designed to help you:

  • Appreciate the limits of academic intelligence and IQ in leadership success and how developing Emotional Intelligence can provide you with a means to become more successful
  • Measure your current Emotional Intelligence capability identify your strengths and EI gaps
  • Become emotionally literate by labelling what you feel and by reading others
  • Understand the origin of emotions and other mind-body states that we continuously experience
  • Handle any negative emotion that you are feeling in the moment
  • Read other’s body language including that of anxiety, anger, deceit, lies, disapproval, hostility, boredom, confidence, etc.
  • Master the art of motivating yourself and others and show grit and resilience in the face of adversity

Training Methodology

This online training programme will utilize a variety of proven online learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension, retention of the information presented. The training programme is conducted Online via an Advanced Virtual Learning Platform in the comfort of any location of your choice.

Who Should Attend?

All managers, supervisors and leaders who wish to optimize their EI behaviours and skills.

Course Outline

  • The increasing need for Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the workplace
  • The nature of EI and how it differs from academic intelligence and IQ
  • EI as an element of ‘Successful Intelligence’ and its relation to Political Intelligence
  • Analysing your own Emotional Intelligence Profile test results
  • Being aware of your own emotional status throughout the day
  • Managing your feelings and other mind-body complexes and curbing your impulses
  • Displaying social awareness, empathy, and deep understanding
  • Reading the non-verbal behaviour / body language of others
  • Manifesting social skills, collaborating with and building up others
  • Motivating yourself and others and displaying the attitude of an emotional ‘winner’


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.


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2 Days



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