An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Mastering Protocol, Ceremonial and Etiquette

The Art of Courtesy and Formal Behaviour

Course Introduction

Diplomatic protocol and ceremonial are serious and important concerns. When you, your senior team or your organization are dealing with Heads of State, senior officials or foreign dignitaries, demonstrating your knowledge of ceremonial and respect avoid blunders that damage your prestige. Centuries of international relations and diplomatic practice have established rules which strengthen communication between people. On formal occasions, a single mistake can compromise relationships and lead to embarrassment for you, your organization and your Nation.

This ‘Mastering Protocol, Ceremonial and Etiquette’ training course is fast paced and fun so that your learning will be greater. It will arm you with a host of practical skills and detailed knowledge to negotiate the minefield of correct behaviour with the widest range of people and the most diverse situations. It will enable you to radiate unflappable poise in stressful situations. You can also brief and support Senior Management in the many formal occasions that they are required to attend boosting your own reputation and visibility.

This Oxford Management Centre training course will highlight:

  • The criticality of correct protocol through examining diplomatic mistakes and their consequences
  • Establishing the principles and procedures of successful ceremony
  • Build your knowledge and show how to research for any event
  • Cover the rules for inviting, greeting and dining
  • Show you how to brief and prepare your team for the occasion


By the end of this Mastering Protocol, Ceremonial and Etiquette training course, you will have learned to:

  • Assemble a comprehensive brief for every event involving protocol
  • Create and share a clear plan for the preparation and execution of each event
  • Understand the complexity of protocol and ceremonial and how to research
  • Prepare speech, event, and other senior briefing documents
  • Anticipate all possible problems and how to deal with them

Training Methodology

This course uses a wide variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure effective assimilation and retention of the information presented. This training course is highly interactive and will prompt delegates to reflect on their own thinking, communication style and practice.

Your Tutor will guide and facilitate learning using a wide variety of methods including direct input, video, discussions, case studies and group and individual exercises to focus on the themes of the course, practice skills and receive feedback.

Organisational Impact

The organization will benefit in the following ways:

  • Protect your reputation in situations where you are highly visible
  • Give assurance to senior management and officials that they will be well informed and supported
  • Improve organizational confidence in handling protocol events
  • Have in place plans for managing any protocol or ceremonial breaches
  • Expand your influence within your sector and the wider world
  • Better live your brand values in critical situations

Personal Impact

The personal benefits to be derived from attending this Mastering Protocol, Ceremonial and Etiquette training course include the following:

  • Greater understanding of protocol, ceremonial, and etiquette
  • Improved understanding of protocol rules and requirements
  • Greater understanding of how to create an event/occasion brief and plan
  • Improved ability to brief and support senior team members
  • Improved level of confidence in delivering your own events
  • Greater confidence in your own contributions to other people’s events

Who Should Attend?

This Oxford training course will benefit a wide range of professionals but, particularly:

  • Event Organizers
  • PR Specialists
  • Staff working in international relations
  • Staff of international and non-governmental organizations
  • Practitioners in other fields seeking an entry point into the world of diplomacy
  • Journalists, business-people, and other professionals who interact with diplomats and wish to improve their knowledge of diplomacy, ceremonial, and etiquette on formal and State occasions

Course Outline

Day 1 

An Introduction to Protocol

  • What is protocol and why is it important?
  • Analyzing examples of protocol and ceremonial errors
  • Establishing a protocol function in the organization
  • What are the resources that you need?
  • How to establish an event or occasion brief?
  • The importance of training and support

Day 2 

Meeting and Management

  • Overview of the different diplomatic titles and ranks
  • Correct form for issuing invitations and replying to them
  • Diplomatic emblems and insignia, where these are used or displayed
  • Forms of address: How to address VVIPs
  • Greeting etiquette and the importance of the handshake
  • How to introduce another person?
  • Topics for conversation and small talk

Day 3 


  • Formality/informality, precedence and seating
  • Hosting and duties of the host
  • Speeches – who speaks first, introductions
  • Briefing senior staff
  • Dining and dining etiquette
  • Formal banquets

Day 4 

Researching and Planning

  • Establishing your network of contacts
  • Sources of help and support
  • Dealing with different cultures - research
  • Building your event liaison list
  • Making the event plan
  • Sharing and modifying the plan

Day 5 

Developing a Crisis Plan and Following Up

  • Sweating the details – reviewing the plan
  • What could go wrong? How can you deal with each?
  • Establishing a preparation timeline
  • The importance of farewells
  • Following up


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.


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