An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Introduction to Diplomatic Protocol Etiquette

Understanding the World of Diplomacy

Course Introduction

Diplomatic Protocol Etiquette is about using skill and tact in dealing with others, ensuring that official and unofficial occasions, visits, meetings, and functions are planned and conducted according to formal social and cultural rules and customs. If you fail to do so, your organization and Nation may be humbled and you risk giving serious offense. Protocol officers research the traditions and customs of Government and Diplomatic visitors, teach your staff correct behavior, plan visits, ceremonies, and special events, make and send invitations and create seating plans. They also identify security risks and create safety plans.

This Diplomatic Protocol Etiquette will complement your professional knowledge with skills in diplomatic protocol to support your organization. It will give practical insights that will improve your effectiveness in a wide range of settings.

This Oxford Management Centre training course will highlight:

  • The working of international diplomacy
  • Creating the perfect environment in which to entertain distinguished guests
  • Correct behavior in formal and semi-formal settings
  • How to deal with VVIPs?
  • The duties of protocol officers


The objectives of this course on Diplomatic Protocol Etiquette are:

  • Understand the general principles of diplomacy and protocol/etiquette
  • Identify best practices for organizing diplomatic visits and events
  • Recognize the elements which make an event a success or a failure
  • Explain the principles of protocol and etiquette to colleagues and senior managers
  • Develop excellent networking and contact-making skills

Training Methodology

This Oxford Management Centre training course uses a wide variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure effective assimilation and retention of the information presented. This training course is highly interactive and will prompt delegates to reflect on their own thinking, communication style and practice.

Your Tutor will guide and facilitate learning using a wide variety of methods including direct input, video, discussions, case studies and group and individual exercises to focus on the themes of the course, practice skills and receive feedback.

Organisational Impact

Your organization will benefit in the following ways:

  • Enhance relations with partners from all over the world
  • Project your brand values through skilled staff
  • Have confidence that your staff understand protocol and correct behavior
  • Improve staff confidence and competence
  • Establish a stronger centre of excellence in diplomatic protocol and etiquette
  • Enhance reputation as an international player

Personal Impact

The personal benefits to be derived from attending this Oxford Management Centre training course include the following:

  • More polished personal and professional image
  • Fluency in diplomatic language and verbal diplomacy
  • Greater understanding of international protocol and virtual diplomacy
  • Knowing how to conduct yourself on formal occasions
  • Being able to deal masterfully with formal dining events
  • Improved level of confidence

Who Should Attend?

This Introduction to Diplomatic Protocol Etiquette training course would benefit a wide range of professionals but is particularly relevant for:

  • Government protocol officers
  • Civil servants, and those who wish to refresh or expand their knowledge of international protocol
  • NGO staff
  • Public Relations Officers
  • Team Leaders and Managers
  • Corporate Communications Practitioners
  • Public Affairs specialists
  • Meeting and event planners
  • Sales staff

Course Outline

Day 1 

The Origins and Practice of Diplomacy

  • The history of protocol
  • Protocol traditions and modern-day practice, The Vienna Convention
  • Variations between countries
  • The varying roles of diplomats and correct forms of address
  • Religious, multi-faith and cultural implications for protocol
  • Emblems, Flags and Anthems

Day 2 

Organizing Formal Events

  • The Art of Gathering – The basic principles of successful events
  • Seating plans, receiving lines and diplomatic precedence
  • Professional, diplomatic, and ceremonial image – Training staff
  • 5 Phases to planning and executing state visits
  • Online meetings
  • Invitations, RSVPs, and follow-up

Day 3 

Entertaining and Dining

  • The giving and receiving of gifts
  • Types of dining and their demands
  • Navigating different table settings
  • Making small talk
  • Dining etiquette
  • Speeches and entertainments

Day 4 

Building Relationships and Networking

  • How to research a visit, event, or ceremonial?
  • Building your contacts list
  • Intelligence gathering for future events
  • The power of follow-up and staying in touch
  • Building your confidence and presence
  • Introducing people on formal occasions

Day 5 

Investing in Yourself

  • The importance of appearance, dress, and grooming
  • The importance of body language from handshake to hangouts
  • Building up a wardrobe for all occasions; Dress codes
  • How to prepare for and profit from any networking opportunity?
  • Assessing and tailoring your style
  • Personality types and how to deal with difficult people


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.


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