An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Communication for Leaders in the Digital Age

Understanding essential exchanges for Organizational Success

Course Introduction

We are in the midst of global digital transformation, whereby the biggest challenge for any leader is not technological but managing people effectively. Therefore, the characteristics necessary to manage during this digital age are more related to people management. Hence leaders need to understand and leverage on the technologies available, and seek collaborations that navigate individualism and collectivism, that unites people more to the benefits of the latter.

So more than ever, today’s multi-platform media environment creates unique issues whether you’re navigating a communications crisis or building your brand. When your audience is diverse—culturally, generational, geographically, or philosophically—agility in messaging becomes even more important. But how do you communicate strongly and inspire others most effectively when your communication primarily takes place through an interface? Designed for professionals who seek to increase their influence, The Communication for Leaders in the Digital Age training course teaches disciplined communications strategies that can improve your performance in different contexts.

The crux of communication is what sense and intent your listener makes of your messages. The sense and significance of that is through the leader's ability to communicate clearly and objectively. In this new norm, the ability to be adaptable and agile becomes essential for anyone who wants to thrive during these changes or risk being left behind. This means the new leader needs to be creative and persuasive, while actively and intuitively listening. It is necessary to be willing to collaborate with the team, to clarify doubts, to strengthen ties, while forging ahead as a progressive team.

This Oxford Management Centre training course will highlight:

  • Importance of Communications in the Digital Age
  • Protecting your brand in a crisis.
  • The importance and virtues of Magnetic Personality for ensuring undivided audience’s attention.
  • The Strategic value of Critical Conversations.
  • Master the Art of Story telling for effective emphasis.
  • Balance your online personal brand with your organization's brand


At the end of this Communication for Leaders in the Digital Age training course, you will learn to:

  • Provide visionary direction and clear purpose
  • Be an effective and resilient communicator that enables and nurtures others
  • Be intentional with your communication
  • Build employee participation on all levels
  • Unleash the power to inspire, engage and lead others with clarity and optimism.
  • Build effective communication skills while encouraging autonomy among team members
  • Clearly align outcomes to achieving strategic goals.

Training Methodology

Participants to this Communication for Leaders in the Digital Age training course will receive a thorough training on the subjects covered by the seminar outline with the Trainer utilizing a variety of proven adult learning teaching and facilitation techniques. Seminar methodology includes lectures, role-plays, group exercises, discussions, group, individual assessments, and individual presentations. Participants will go through an intensive program which will be accompanied by a training assessment session

Organisational Impact

The organization will benefit as follows:

  • significantly impacted with the creation and development of future leaders able to successfully navigate in the digital age with aplomb.
  • Participants will gain crucial competencies that will enable them to achieve strategic business outcomes
  • Be able to create a culture of effective crisis management, accountability and sustainability
  • Build a common language of communication strategies to enable effective discourse,
  • Enable the desired skills and behaviors that will enable the progress of the organization,
  • Essentially a leadership development tool by utilizing your respected leaders and experts in developing the next generation of leaders, to create a learning and leadership culture

Personal Impact

Attendees will benefit as follows:

  • Empowered with more effective speaking skills
  • Be able to project confidence and enthusiasm in all types of discussions and presentations
  • Provided with key training resources, case studies and templates for experiential learning and takeaways for sustainability.
  • Appreciate the effective communications concept that needs to be inculcated throughout the organization
  • Identify the characteristics of an exceptional and inspirational leader

Who Should Attend?

This Communication for Leaders in the Digital Age training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Seasoned Leaders intent on taking their persona to the next level
  • Emerging leaders who intend to build confidence and presence for qualitative outcomes
  • Professionals who interface with the public or other stakeholders who need to tailor their message to their various audiences
  • Professionals at any level who want to command attention and increase their personal and professional presence

Course Outline

This Communication for Leaders in the Digital Age training course is aimed at enabling you to successfully persuade and influence subordinates, peers and colleagues. The structure builds core skills, pivots with practical case studies and experiential practice and ends with decisive Action Planning to sustain the momentum of change.

Day 1

The need to Present with Power

  • Importance of Communications in the Digital Age
  • The Strategy of structure for the most crucial points
  • Choose to deliver with impact consistently
  • Craft visually compelling presentations
  • Leverage ‘body language’ in a digital environment
  • Magnetic Personality – the virtues of holding your audience’s attention

Day 2

Communicating in a Crisis

  • Diagnose communication gaps and weak spots
  • Protect your brand in a crisis.
  • Preparation, learning and recovery from a crisis.
  • Pivot from the need and release of negative information.
  • Practice message discipline and consistency throughout the organization

Day 3

Dealing with Critical Conversations for Mastering Discourse

  • The Strategic value of Critical Conversations
  • Prepare for high stakes where your leadership may be challenged.
  • Develop and stay on point with correct messaging.
  • Control the conversation and prevent escalation.
  • Review your corporate persona and brand image
  • Alignment of your brand persona with your company's social media policy.

Day 4

Perception Management

  • Getting Unstuck with Perceptions
  • The crucial ideas and skills that need to be developed
  • Master the Art of Story telling
  • The End in Mind - Start with Heart
  • State your purpose, objective and conviction
  • Learning to see within and look ahead
  • Seeking Mutual grounds for Mutual Win-Win

Day 5

Practice and Purpose

  • Leveling up your presence via an Optimized online presence
  • Create relevant and engaging content that hooks your target audience
  • Balance your online personal brand with your organization's brand.
  • Develop and expand your network through social media.
  • Move to Action Planning with Sustainability
  • What’s next? The Journey of Practice and Purpose must continue with greater resolve


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.



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