An Intensive 5-day Training Course

AI for Smart City and Urban Systems

Implementing AI in the Urban Systems and Smart City Development

Course Introduction

This training course on AI for Smart City and Urban Systems focuses on the city of the future, the city which is not viewed as a closed system, but as a set of interconnected systems which are using big data and artificial intelligence for the benefits of the citizens and in the service of sustainability and adaptability.

Urban planners and architects are re-evaluating the qualities of this complex, open and dynamic system as well as its ability to adapt to ever changing parameters – its resilience, and in these terms the implementation of AI is the key for the foreseeable future in terms of defining the right way of implementing the urbanization of the future.

Standard urban development planning procedures and current planning strategies must be updated trough the use of AI in order to reduce the cost of urban living and ensure the resilience and sustainability, as well as creation of Smart Cities which will support he quality of living as well as incorporating the ecology, biosphere and energy preservation within the city itself.

 This AI for Smart City and Urban Systems training course will highlight:

  • Cooperation between urban planners and architects in the use of AI
  • Planning and design of sustainable and resilient cities trough the simulation and big data
  • The identification of patterns and adequate responses of the city demands trough AI
  • Creating the high standard of living within attractive cities for all the citizens
  • Maintaining the heritage of the city with the innovation and preservation


At the end of this AI for Smart City and Urban Systems training course, you will learn to:

  • Coordinate urban planning and architectural efforts trough simulation and AI
  • Develop economically viable cities using AI for smart mobility, smart energy and smart city
  • Implement best practices of green smart cities and 15minute cities
  • Planning and construction of attractive neighborhoods trough the use of AI
  • Implement urban planning to sustain growth, support job creation and livability

Training Methodology

This training course will use a plethora of proven adult learning techniques with the examples of urban planning and design integration with architectural requirements.

The delegates will learn how to perform the steps within the urban design and incorporate architectural marbles into the urban environment while maintain the beauty, diversity, and ecological serenity of the city.

Organisational Impact

Organizations will significantly benefit from the collective knowledge of their employees that will understand the adequate design principles within the urban planning and architecture. The organizations will:

  • Enhance their understanding of Smart Cities and Strong Towns principles
  • Learn how to properly plan Urban areas and incorporate architectural requirements
  • Be able to sustain the economic viability of cities
  • Improve the urban resilience
  • Adopt the best in class solutions for urban planning and architecture
  • Use AI within urban planning, smart city design and development

Personal Impact

  • Identifying the urban planning and architectural requirements of the new era
  • Learning how to address urban planning problems (economy, mobility, integration) trough AI
  • Understanding how to develop resilient and sustainable living neighborhoods by using big data and AI
  • Learn how to perform urban design principles for the Smart Cities and 15minute cities
  • Apply techniques of innovation, Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition
  • Prepare for the Smart Cities urban and architectural requirements of today and tomorrow

Who Should Attend?

This AI for Smart City and Urban Systems training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  •  Architects
  • Urban planners
  • Transport planners
  • Civil Engineers
  • Economists involved in the urban development
  • City Planners
  • Decision makers


Course Outline

Day 1

Architecture and Urban Planning with the use of AI

  •  The differences between architects and urban planners in modern times
  • Working in unison with available big data
  • Expanding the view of the Architects through the use of AI
  • AI systems in use for urban planning and development
  • Smart Singapore-example of AI in urban planning

Day 2

AI for Urban Planning of Smart Cities

  •  The big picture of community needs of energy, food, water, mobility, and livability
  • Smart Cities with the use of AI
  • Urban planning for sustainable and resilient cities with the AI implementation
  • Establishing a structural AI system in Smart Cities
  • Complexity of urban design of Smart Cities

Day 3

Architecture of the Smart City

  • Design for the need of the users through pattern recognition
  • Incorporation of the design within the community requirements
  • Improvement options for the existing neighborhoods with the use of AI
  • Challenges for todays and future architects in AI implementation
  • The environment considerations in architecture

Day 4

Sustainable Cities and Towns

  • Sustainability triangle
  • Resources planning for urban environments
  • Activities within the neighborhoods
  • Increasing resilience of the city with the use of AI
  • Focus on the citizen

Day 5

Smart Energy, Smart Mobility, and Smart Cities 

  • Mobility with AI
  • Transportation principles and patterns of human mobility
  • Incorporation of AI for smart mobility
  • Urban planner and transport needs
  • Examples of AI for smart energy and smart mobility


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.


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5 Days
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