An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Value Management for Healthcare Organizations

The Influence of Physicians’ Leadership & Engagement

Course Introduction

Value Management for Healthcare Organizations is the process of a combination of planning, assessing, and developing the healthcare organizations to make the right decisions about the optimized balance of the benefits, risks, and costs. Like any other major business problems, addressing healthcare costs may seem overwhelming and impossible to solve. Fortunately, there is a way to address the challenge of escalating healthcare costs that reduce the dependence on cost-shifting and benefit cutbacks.

Healthcare organizations that successfully cope have strong leadership that guides people through a series of concepts that set success. This training program will equip the healthcare leaders with the knowledge and essential guidance necessary to participate actively in decision making that affects their Healthcare Organizations. Leadership development is a sound practice a leader should possess to sharpen the skills needed to carry out their responsibilities.

This OXFORD Management Centre training  Course will highlight:

  • Manage your medical department in an organizational matter
  • Be aware of all related strategy tools in addition to risk management
  • You will have a better insight into the understanding of health quality functions
  • Serve your patients in a better way using your newly developed skills
  • Change staff behavior by adapting innovative change strategies
  • Ability to set the right vision for their team and entire healthcare organization


This training program's main objectives are to enhance Physicians’ Leadership & Engagement in the healthcare organization using their leadership and management skills effectively.

The objectives include:

  • Analyze the environment and formulate strategies to exploit opportunities
  • Manage your hospital or medical department in an organizational matter
  • Be aware of all related strategy tools in addition to the risk management
  • To gain a better understanding of quality principles & management functions
  • Update their knowledge on modern healthcare management and leadership
  • Help employees develop effective change management strategies
  • Improve their competitive position in the healthcare market

Training Methodology

We adapt the latest adult education methodology using lectures, case studies, and discussion. The training course is designed to maximize delegation participation to allow participants to discuss their specific problems and appropriate solutions with other delegates and the presenter.

Organisational Impact

  • Ability to the optimized balance of the benefits, risks, and costs
  • Set the right vision for your team, department, and healthcare organization
  • Ability to effective problem-solving strategies in a creative manner
  • Align the workforce to achieve performance and increased bottom-line results
  • Flex your leadership styles when there are changes in people and conditions
  • Ensure that your behavior is ethical & reflect your organization’s values
  • Encourage practical decision-making skills in a variety of situations

Personal Impact

  • Use the ten ways to improve healthcare cost management
  • Increase costs for strategic decision-making capability
  • You will be able to manage your healthcare department in a better way
  • Be aware of all related strategy tools in addition to risk management
  • Gain a better understanding of quality principles & management functions
  • Evaluate own style of leadership, including strength and areas for improvement

Who Should Attend?

The “Value Management for Healthcare Organizations” Programme is designed explicitly for high management level and their assistants who seek to create the vision and the action plans of their healthcare organizations.

This training programme is suitable for:

  • Healthcare Senior Managers
  • MD Leaders
  • Healthcare Departments Heads
  • Healthcare Strategic Planners
  • Other Clinical Healthcare professionals

Course Outline

Day 1

Value-based Leadership

  • The Principles of VBL
  • Healthcare Leadership Pipeline
  • The passages of the Leadership Pipeline
  • Value Management Office
  • Value-based health care (VBHC)
  • The 360-Degree Healthcare Leader

Day 2

Physician Engagement

  • The domains of physician engagement
  • Leading Clever People
  • Proven Strategies for Engaging Physicians
  • Ten ways to boost physician engagement
  • The Barriers to Physician Engagement
  • Steps to Gain Physician Buy-in

Day 3

Healthcare’s Quality Improvement

  • The Essential Rules of Leadership
  • The Triple Aim Framework
  • Deming Approach (PDCA)
  • Juran Approach
  • Crosby Approach
  • Stages of TQM Development

Day 4

Seven Principles of Healthcare Value Management

  • Focus on the patient
  • Provide leadership to the organization
  • Engage and involve people
  • Use a process approach
  • Encourage improvement
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Manage the organizational relationships

Day 5

Healthcare Leadership Effectiveness

  • Critical Competencies for Healthcare Executives
  • Health cost containment strategies
  • Healthcare market & Health risk
  • Employment challenges
  • Lifestyle and chronic disease
  • Cost Shifting Versus Cost Management


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.



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