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The Senior Level Leadership Program

The Executive Excellence

Course Introduction

We live in very turbulent times. With Geopolitics, global security, fiscal instability, rapidly developing technologies and changing workforce expectations there has never been a greater need for good leadership. As the world changes at a rapid pace, it is important that as senior executives we are up to date and refreshed with the latest findings in leadership. People are looking to us to show good leadership and make the right decisions during this time of volatility & uncertainty.

This training course has been specifically designed for senior executives, to give them the tools they need to lead their businesses and their people. This is an opportunity to invest in the future of your business by developing your senior level executives, giving them insights and new approaches and a chance to reflect on and maybe make some changes to, their personal leadership style.

The highlights of this Oxford Management Centre Senior Level Leadership training course are as follows:

  • Develop your leadership style to work at a senior level
  • Become a role model for others
  • Understanding the responsibilities of being at an executive level
  • Understanding the importance of your inner character
  • Identifying your unique gift and what you can bring to the table
  • Learn to inspire change
  • Discover how to lead by example in attitude and behaviour


By attending this Senior Level Leadership Program training course, the participants will be able:

  • To develop your personal strengths and style of leadership
  • To become a pace setter and a setter of standards
  •  Discover executive communications strategies
  • To become a people influencer, who can drive change
  • To increase your executive image at the most senior level
  • Learn to use strategies to cope with high levels of pressure and stress

Training Methodology

As this training course is at an executive level, you can expect this to be challenging and is aimed at stretching our comfort zones. You will receive personal feedback from your peers and well as feedback from the instructor. A variety of adult training methods will be used including, role play, case studies, presentations, videos, and practical exercises.

Organisational Impact

From this Senior Level Leadership Program training course, your organisation will benefit as the following:

  • Participants will return with a clearer understanding of executive level leadership
  • Participants will return tools to help them sell their ideas at board level
  • Deeper understanding of their personal reaction to pressure and stress
  • Strengthened influencing skills that will enable them to inspire change
  • Improved understanding of international governance expectations
  • Achieve a greater understanding of internal politics
  • Improved self confidence at working a board level
  • Expanded stakeholder influence

Personal Impact

The participants will have the following benefits:

  • Gain greater self-confidence working at an executive level
  • Develop executive level communication skills
  • Greater insight into human behavioural patterns
  • Improved ability to sell your ideas to senior executives
  • Greater ability to influence the future of your organization
  • Understanding how to deal with pressure and stress
  • Improved understanding global business trends
  • Improved credibility as a senior executive

Who Should Attend?

This Senior Level Leadership Program training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals in communication and marketing but will greatly benefit: 

  • CEOs
  • Board members
  • Directors
  • Senior management
  • Industry leaders
  • Permanent secretaries
  • Government ministers
  • Those aspiring to reach a senior level within their organisation

Course Outline


Executive Image and Brand

  • Understanding the “magnifying effect” at the executive level
  • Who you are, is displayed more than what you say
  • The executive leader as a standard setter
  • Your visual appearance matters
  • The importance of enthusiasm and passion
  • Understanding the impact of your online and offline presence


 The Leader as a Mentor  

  • Your people are asking if you care about them
  • Understanding servant leadership
  • Connecting with your internal and external stakeholders
  • Personalizing our relationships
  • How to win friends and influence people at an executive level


The Leader as a Facilitator   

  • Building high performance teams
  • Using personality matrix to reduce conflicts
  • Increase collaboration by matching personalities
  • Using relationship mapping to increase influence over others
  • Tuning into personalities at the executive level


The Leader as a Broker

  • Selling your ideas to the senior team
  • Structuring high level presentations
  • Convincing people that hold different opinions
  • Moving people to take action
  • How to handle Q & A sessions at high level meetings


The Leader as a Director

  • Communicating the vision and strategy
  • Setting behavioural standards for your organization
  • Making clear what you will accept and not accept
  • Being bold when dealing with under performance

Speaking with clarity and getting agreements


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.




All Training Courses delivered by Oxford Management by default are eligible for CPE Credit.

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