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Healthcare Management & Operations

Agility & Resilience in Healthcare Delivery

Course Introduction

The current healthcare leaders require to scan the environment and find ways to reduce operating costs while improving healthcare quality and effectively deal with the unforeseen turbulent times. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the fore the need for agility and resilience for individuals, society, and healthcare organizations in the entire world.

Agility and resilience represent two skills that can help us shift our thinking to a more effective way of dealing with changes and challenges. Both attributes represent “adaptive capacity", which relates to how much energy and strength we need to address challenging, changing, and adverse situations.

This OXFORD Management Centre training course will highlight:

  • Lead and develop proactive mechanisms to avoid the potential risk
  • Manage your medical department in an organizational matter
  • Be aware of all related strategy tools in addition to the risk management
  • Have the ability to evaluate the healthcare status and challenges
  • A better understanding of quality principles & healthcare management functions


Healthcare leaders' key role is to create and sustain an organizational environment that optimizes high-quality, safe, and effective patient‐centered care. The leader’s role is not confined to ensuring the best possible physical environment but extends to providing an organizational culture that supports healthcare team members in the often-stressful work of direct care provision.

This training program's main objectives are to enhance and scale-up the healthcare leadership and management skills of the medical chiefs and senior medical executives in strategic thinking skills towards excellence.

The objectives include:

  • To provide the participants with enhanced skills to manage and administer their hospitals/medical department and prepare healthcare leaders to execute related programs and oversee improvement projects
  • To help the participants acquire advanced skills for organizational success, leadership, effectiveness and efficiency techniques, and creative problem solving, using seven thinking hats
  • To gain a better understanding of quality principles & management functions
  • Provide training in the development & implementation of strategic planning
  • Maximize productive collaboration and minimize counterproductive behaviour

Training Methodology

A combination of lectures, case studies, and discussion will be utilized during this program as the delegates' participation is our goal to maximize the benefits of learning. This allows participants to discuss with other delegates and the presenter their specific problems and appropriate solutions.

Organisational Impact

  • Organization will be aware of Health Problems, Systems, and the Healthcare Key Players
  • Ability to set the right vision for your team, department, and hospital/clinic
  • Flex your leadership styles when there are changes in people and healthcare conditions
  • Focus on the application of “people” side during change situation
  • Adapt and develop effective change management strategies and determine when to act
  • Get tools for exploring market opportunities and develop a capacity for anticipating change
  • Lead and inspire others toward an agile and resilient mindset and behaviour

Personal Impact

  • Manage your hospital or medical department in an organizational matter
  • Be aware of all related strategy tools in addition to the risk management
  • You will gain a better understanding of quality principles & management functions
  • Understand the barriers to adequate healthcare leadership
  • Evaluate own style of leadership, including strength and areas for improvement
  • Promote the skills of your staff in developing the necessary agility and resilience
  • Balance your action by increasing your self-awareness and flexibility

Who Should Attend?

Some of the healthcare management positions that usually attend to this agility and resilience training course are:

  • Healthcare Senior Managers
  • Departments Heads
  • Clinical Sections’ Heads
  • Other Healthcare professionals

Course Outline


Healthcare Leadership Principles

  • Leadership & Management Functions
  • Power Sources of the healthcare Leaders
  • Roles of the healthcare Leader/Manager
  • Organizational Mission, Vision, and Values
  • The Healthcare Leadership Skills
  • Healthcare Leadership Styles


Building Agility and Resilience 

  • Healthcare Effectiveness & Efficiency
  • Resilient people three characteristics
  • Agility and Resilience Foundational Skills
  • The Agility and Resilience Impact on Healthcare
  • Johari Windows and Holland Theory
  • Problem-solving & Decision-making


Creative Healthcare Leadership

  • Thinking skills: PMI – CAF – SCAMPER - Critical Thinking
  • The  Thinking Hats for healthcare leaders
  • Characters of Strategic Thinkers
  • Understanding Healthcare Team Dynamics
  • Tuckman Model: The Stages of Team Development
  • The Belbin’s  Team Roles


Healthcare Strategic Management

  • A Strategic-Management Model
  • Strategic Competitiveness: Suitability, Feasibility & Acceptability
  • Strategic Planning Model: ABCDE
  • Tools for Putting Strategy into Action
  • SWOT Analysis & SMARTER Goals
  • Strategy Implementation


Change Management in Healthcare Organization

  • Change Models: Lewin, Kotter, McKinsey 7S and ADKAR
  • Negotiation and dispute resolution
  • Risk Avoidance and Risk Acceptance
  • Contingent Valuation Method (CVM)
  • Program review and Post-Assessment


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.




All Training Courses delivered by Oxford Management by default are eligible for CPE Credit.

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