An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Achieving Business Process Change

Transforming & Adapting Work Processes for Optimal Performance

Course Introduction

This Achieving Business Process Change training course explores the need for managing and impacting changes business procedures and how process modelling, mapping and analysis are all parts of a larger framework for achieving higher quality. It is essential to understand how to manage business processes for optimizing work and productivity improvement.

In this training Course, delegates will explore the essential steps to process mapping and the critical success factors of continuously improving your operations. It provides a practical framework for you to understand and model business processes, and describes how to develop and continuously improve a variety of process types. During this highly interactive, high-energy Achieving Business Process Change course, you will acquire the knowledge and skills to accurately model business processes at both, the enterprise as well as detailed workflow levels.

This Oxford Management Centre Achieving Business Process Change training course will highlight:

  • The philosophy, techniques and process for business process analysis  
  • How to design and model business processes for analysis and change
  • Execution of changed (enhanced) business processes
  • Monitoring the performance of redesigned/enhanced processes
  • Optimizing redesigned/changed processes performance


At the end of this Achieving Business Process Change training course, you will learn to:

  • Explain the difference between internal and external values that drive business process management in organisations
  • Apply creative thinking approaches and design thinking to process improvement
  • Develop strategies for how you can successfully use BPM in your business or workplace
  • Understand how to design or enhance an existing process using the business process life cycle
  • Implement and monitor process changes

Training Methodology

The Achieving Business Process Change training course also provides a step-by-step approach to effectively analyze processes to ensure that business process models accurately reflect reality and include stakeholder requirements. Short, focused presentations combined with practical learning workshop sessions are used to explain the concepts.

During these sessions, the knowledge gained is applied to real-world examples and case studies. Rapid learning of the methods and techniques is achieved by means of group work, participant discussion, facilitator interaction and case studies.

Organisational Impact

Organizations which have delegates in the Achieving Business Process Change training course shall gain by:

  • Recognizing the vital role processes play in a business
  • Appreciating the role of technology in process management
  • Identifying how Lean and Six Sigma methods can assist in managing and improving processes
  • Using a variety of tools and techniques to eliminate waste and redundancies
  • Running organizations effectively through redesigned processes while delivering relevant processes and task documentation

Personal Impact

Delegates attending this Achieving Business Process Change training course shall be able to:

  • Understand the value of Business Processes Management & Improvement (BPMI) and the main concepts of business process analysis, mapping and modelling
  • Produce business process models at the correct level of detail to aid the analysis, readability and understanding of organisational responsibilities
  • Apply the best practice techniques and methods to coherently map, accurately measure and thoroughly analyse business processes and work activities across your organisation
  • Suggest process improvements to run their organisation effectively, redesign improved processes, and deliver appropriate process and task documentation
  • Assess the potential reaction to changes in processes and manage these within the organisation

Who Should Attend?

Attending our Achieving Business Process Change training course will benefit anyone who wishes to learn how to improve their organisation's performance through the tools and techniques of Business Processes Management & Improvement (BPMI).  

This Achieving Business Process Change training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Business Process Manager/Consultant/Owner/Specialist/Executive/Engineer/Designer
  • BPM Project Leader
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Systems Analyst/Manager
  • Quality Assurance Analyst/Specialist/Manager
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Business Planner
  • Project Manager

Course Outline

Day 1

Introduction and Overview of Business Process Analysis

  • What are “business processes” & “business process analysis”
  • The context of business process analysis – stages of business process management
  • Roles and responsibilities of a “business process analyst”
  • Identifying “business processes” in organizations
  • Prioritizing business processes to achieve better outcomes
  • What is business process re-engineering
  • Business process re-engineering model

Day 2

Design & Modeling Business Processes

  • Elements of a business process – a checklist for analysis
  • Defining your problem
  • Business process modeling techniques & tools
  • Modeling “As-is” business processes for analysis
  • Identifying improvement opportunities
  • Modeling “To-be” processes with improvement

Day 3

Executing Improved Processes

  • Implementing processes
  • Exploring automation
  • Automating processes
  • Understanding business rules
  • Making connections
  • The role of workflow engines

Day 4

Monitoring Performance of Redesigned Processes

  • Implementing measures for process performance
  • What is business activity monitoring (BAM)?
  • Balanced scorecard
  • Creating a balanced scorecard
  • Identifying gaps with process mining

Day 5

Optimization Process Performance

  • What is process optimization?
  • Business process improvement
  • Introduction the lean concept
  • Using lean six sigma approach to optimize process performance
  • Managing changes


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.



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