An Intensive 3-day Training Course

Boost your Emotional Intelligence During COVID-19 Pandemic

Managing your Emotional Stress Effectively

Course Introduction

Emotionally intelligent individuals adopt strategies which draw from numerous other branches of behavioural, emotional and communications strategies towards building a productive workplace.

Developing your Emotional Intelligence is essential to your success and leadership potential and in these present tumultious times of facing the COVID-19 pandemic emotional intelligence is a critical skill all of us need to develop. 


By the end of this Oxford Management Centre online training course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop the emotional intelligence (EQ) competencies of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills
  • Develop the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply emotions as a source of leadership
  • Gain insights into perceptions and its importance in the workplace
  • Understand how EQ influences the way they respond to others and themselves
  • Discover how to apply EQ in the workplace for building teamwork and accountable leadership
  • The art of communication and influencing others in the workplace

Training Methodology

This online training course will utilize a variety of proven online learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension, retention of the information presented. The training course is conducted online using ClickMeeting and has three sessions starting from 0900 and end 1400.

Organisational Impact

  • Develop an emotionally intelligent work culture
  • Improve organisatiopnal teamwork
  • Enhance cooperation through better relationship building skills
  • Develop interpersonal skills
  • Build a stress free workplace
  • Cultivate a productive wokrplace
  • Achieve corporate vision and mission

Personal Impact

  • Develop interpersonal skills such as self-awareness, which is the ability of an individual to recognize and understand one's moods, emotions and drives as well as their impact on others
  • Cultivate empathy or the ability to understand the emotional makeup of other people and skill in responding according to their emotional reactions
  • Develop interpersonal skills which indicate the individual's proficiency in managing relationships and building networks
  • Develop skills in responding to criticisms and adversity
  • Leadership strategies for working with others towards shared goals
  • Building teamwork for a productive workplace

Who Should Attend?

This Oxford training Course will greatly benefit:

  • Anyone who is interested in developing themselves to be a an emotionally healthy individual
  • Individuals who desire to apply psychological knowledge to result in management and leadership strategies
  • Any team leader, supervisor and manager
  • Individuals who wish to understand their emotions and how it affects those around them
  • Any employee who wish to improve their productivity in the workplace
  • All managers, leaders and professionals who need to have in-depth knowledge of human behaviours

Course Outline

Day 1

What is Emotional Intelligence

  • What is Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ)?
  • Intrapersonal & Interpersonal skills
  • Knowing your personality strengths and weaknesses
  • Developing self awareness through understanding your personality
  • Developing Openness to new ideas
  • Removing blocks to innovative teamwork through EQ

Day 2

Develop your Emotional Intelligence Skills

  • Maximizing our relationships with others
  • Emotional Intelligence for Innovative Teamwork
  • Handling emotional stress
  • Managing your body, mind & heart
  • The two basic needs in human beings
  • Developing innovative leadership

Day 3

Applying your Emotional Skills

  • Understanding stages of human development
  • Practicing self-actualisation
  • Understanding the relation between thinking and feeling
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for managing emotions
  • TENT therapy for developing emotional intelligence
  • Developing an action plan


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.



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