An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Advanced Professional Certificate in Strategic Human Resource Management

Maximizing Potential Organizational Workforce
through Strategic HRM

Course Introduction

This advanced Oxford Management Centre training course, bringing to you the latest in HR innovations and techniques needed for to days rapidly changing world of employment.

HR has to respond to world changes, the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence, the use of A.I. direct chats, and changes in where we work (remote working) we can prove that H.R. can add massive value to the organization. This training course is at the core of world changes in employment, full of new techniques and processes necessary for HR; if they are to be a real business partner and be able to demonstrate their financial contribution to their organization.

This advanced training course will highlight the following:

  • What actions are immediately needed to manage the most significant change in working practices since the industrial revolution
  • Formulating specific HR strategies in line with your organization's needs using an H.R. specific template.
  • How to attract talent and use the latest techniques in profiling as used by A.I.
  • Rewriting HR procedures to reflect the global change in employment and meet employees' expectations.
  • Show HR's value to your organization as a financial contribution.


This unique training course will address all of the current employment issues and the future of Human Resource Departments.

At the end of this training course, delegates will be able to:

  • Align HR with the organizational requirement needed using a template and use a technique to maximize efficiency in translating strategy into action.
  • Understand self-financing strategies to pay for retention and motivation policies specifically for Talented Employees.
  • Apply Artificial Intelligence data to better recruit, specifically talented and remote workers.
  • Develop HR as a contributing value centre in your organization, plus techniques to improve current processes.
  • Understand and apply techniques to be able to benefit from A.I Chat platforms to make better decisions and improve alignment with country employment laws.

Training Methodology

The materials and case studies used are all current and relevant to today's fast-changing environment. This Advanced Professional Certificate in Strategic Human Resource Management training course will focus specifically on giving you the techniques and confidence on “How” to put this seminar into action. There will also be end-to-end worked examples for you to use, a comprehensive manual and copies of the slides.

Organisational Impact

The rate of change is currently the fastest it’s ever been since Humankind existed. Being fully informed and making the right decisions is essential; change won't wait.

Specifically, organizations can expect the following:

  • A significant return on investment from those attending this program
  • Benefit from the massive change brought about by using remote workers and reap the financial benefits
  • Use A.I. data to make better decisions making, like Chat services and new profiling, specifically for talented, remote workers and future leaders.
  • Those attending can marginally change existing processes to contribute to organizational efficiency significantly.
  • Be able to advise others and match corporate culture through massive change to get organizational improvement.
  • Contribute to advancing the attraction, retention, and satisfaction of talented employees.

Personal Impact

If you intend to be in HR in the future – this is the course that's essential for you. Benefits are:

  • Getting the complete picture of how the world of work is changing and what skills are needed
  • Find out how to produce figures that show H.R. efficiency
  • Benefit from seeing how top organizations are benefiting from A.I. and new working methods
  • Learn new methodologies and be able to apply them in your organization
  • To fully understand the financial benefits of remote working from the employee's and employer's perspectives.
  • Be ready and equipped for the future

Who Should Attend?

This advanced training course has a comprehensive application extending beyond than the HR function. Finance Directors and those in senior operations areas would also find the contents of immense practical use.

This Oxford Management Centre course is suitable for a wide range of professionals, specifically designed for:

  • R. Directors and senior H.R. management
  • Finance managers, specifically those wishing to see the measurement of HR value activities.
  • Talent managers
  • Senior managers who are involved in organizational strategy and/or staffing levels.
  • Personnel who need to know what direction HR will be taking and the specific skills needed.

Course Outline

Day 1

The rapidly accelerating changes in the way we work

  • Introductions and programme objectives
  • The three significant impacts on the world of work
  • How Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is changing the world of work
  • I. and its specific impact on the role of Human resources
  • The use of A.I. direct chat systems and how H.R. is run in future.
  • The invasion of robotics - everywhere
  • The case for remote working – employers’ benefits and employee benefits.

Day 2

Human Resources; the need to be a partner in strategy and change

  • Mastering strategy – a strategic template specifically for H.R.
  • How to translate strategy into action – worked example
  • Managing change – an essential H.R. function
  • Use of Corporate culture plans – how to do it
  • Is the current organization shape of H.R. fit for purpose – discussion

Day 3

Remote working and the financial contributions of H.R.

  • Basic figures and calculations used in H.R. - demonstration
  • What is the financial benefit of remote workers
  • How much do poor performers cost your organization
  • Examples of where H.R. can actively add considerable value to any organization
  • Question – should H.R. be a profit centre?

Day 4

Improving existing processes controlled by H.R.

  • A new look at the employee handbook – is it fit for purpose in today’s environment
  • Performance appraisal, current research shows it’s a big de-motivator – how to change it around.
  • Use of a new technique to improve processes
  • Showing the added value
  • Creating a transparent bonus system (self-funding?) – specifically for talented people – demonstration

 Day 5

The changing shape of organizations

  • How organizational design is changing – what’s needed.
  • What do generation Y and Z expect from organizations
  • In the organization of the future, we need better recruitment
  • How profiling has become our new super tool
  • Review – what are we going to change? Team exercise


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.



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