An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Certificate in Executive Leadership

Making Reality-Based Strategic Business Decisions with
Hindsight, Insight and Foresight for a Global Reset

Course Introduction

The purpose of this Certificate in Executive Leadership training course is to give you a framework for you to accelerate in learning how to think, to place you in the fast track to leadership, by sharing powerful research and practical concepts and process that deal with success and failures in the new global world.

The Certificate in Executive Leadership Training Course is split into three modules delivered in 5 days:

MODULE I - Hindsight
MODULE II – Insight
MODULE III - Foresight


By the end of this Oxford Management Centre Certificate in Executive Leadership Training Course you will be able to: 

• Learn to identify where you are going and how to reach your destination.
• Understand the concept of Hindsight, Insight and Foresight and use it as your competitive strategy to create wins.
• Recognize the foundation to propel your leadership into high, sustained profitability in today’s fast moving unpredictable times.
• Understand the highly critical decisions you’ll need to make to bring success, joy and peace of mind in your life, instead of mediocrity, despair and stress.
• Learn how to acquire mental acuity through effective education by doing.
• Create strong consistency and uniformity in paradigms of change and mental models to face global challenges.
• How to develop strategic thinking models and learn how to execute operationally

Training Methodology

This Certificate in Executive Leadership Training Course combines instruction on the latest developments in the field of executive business leadership studies with real-world case studies, video dramatizations, self-assessments, participatory discussions, and 3 many exercises to make the course an exciting and enriching learning experience.

Organisational Impact

An accurate thinking Executive Leader thinks more logically, using insight based on foresight with the ability to predict what is likely to happen and uses this to prepare for the future, while keeping their values and the values of the organization at the forefront. Attendees will learn concepts they can leverage as a resource to seek out different viewpoints to create perspectives that will help better focus their plans to analyze decision making for global impact within their organizations

Personal Impact

This Certificate in Executive Leadership Training Course will advance Executive Leaders into Making Realty Business Based Strategic Decisions with the following concepts:

• Systematic Approach to Global Thinking
• Understand the Business Ecosystems
• Planned Reflective Actions that leads to Success
• Creative Thinking to Break Out of the Mental Box of Chaos
• Remove Irrelevant Models of Business Practice
• Create a Framework to Accelerate Your Executive Leadership
• The Strategic Power of Preeminence

Who Should Attend?

This Certificate in Executive Leadership Training Course will greatly benefit all individuals who wish to improve their leadership skills and develop their personal power and effectiveness:

• Executive Leaders
• Senior Managers
• Team Leaders
• Supervisors
• Professionals

Course Outline


Day 1

The Accurate Leader: Realty and Responsibilities

  • The accurate creative thinker
  • Making the leadership transition
  • Understanding you role and leadership purpose
  • Unlocking the prime factors of leadership
  • Reflective leadership analysis
  • Define and create your leadership brand


Day 2

The Power of Self-Awareness: Awakening the Passionate Outstanding Leader Within You

  • Inspire, influence and develop self mastery
  • Develop a process to inspire your organization and team
  • Building trust, integrity and credibility
  • Influence: a model to inspire
  • Mindset: shift the brain patters
  • Emotional intelligence as a discipline

Day 3

Developing Your Ability to Lead, Communicate and Connect

  • Creating a powerful vision and direction of success
  • Leadership and vision: the purpose and direction
  • Strategy model to build a future of success
  • Divergent thinking: thinking with your whole brain
  • The five practice of social intelligence
  • Insights and case study models


Day 4

The Principles of Business Intelligence

  • Building influencing networks and relationships for a global world
  • Part one: The profitable progress model for business growth
  • Part two: The strategic wealth creation model
  • Part three: Mastering the six strategic processes of profitable progress
  • Part four: Developing, implementing and evaluating
  • Part five: Continuously creating new, unique products and services

Day 5

What the Greatest Executive Leaders Do Differently

  • Resilience and decision making
  • The key to esteemed communication
  • Overachieving high productive goals
  • Business life management
  • Developing your people through emotional intelligence
  • Preeminence: the global future reset


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.



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