An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Behavioural Based Safety

Safe Person – Safe Workplace

Course Introduction

If you think safety’s expensive, try having an accident … Successful safety management involves understanding human factors and having the ability to correct human error to improve safety habits.

For many years there has been an emphasis on physical and engineering controls and on safe working practices and procedures. Increasingly, however, studies have shown that technical measures alone will not eliminate accidents in the workplace. Increasing emphasis must be placed on how people fit into, and interact with, their environment and work systems, and on how their performance affects safety.

Managing human failures is essential to preventing major accidents, occupational accidents and ill health, all of which can cost businesses money, reputation and potentially their continued existence.

This highly-interactive Oxford Management Centre Behavioural Based Safety training course will provide you with all the necessary skills and talents to create a management approach which engages, motivates and sustains safe behaviours at work. The course takes a systematic approach, examining the motivation underlying behaviours, in order to increase safe behaviour.

The end product must be ‘Safe Person – Safe Workplace’.

This training course will highlight:

  • The key components of an effective behavioural based safety approach
  • The relationship between human factors and safety performance
  • How to positively influence the performance of employees?
  • How to develop and sustain a behavioural change programme?
  • The visible business benefits


At the end of this training course, you will learn to:

  • Develop a clear understanding of human factors
  • Understand the consequences of behavioural acts and omissions as prime causes of accidents and adverse events
  • Understand the key role of managers and supervisors in influencing safety performance
  • Develop skills for identifying, evaluating and implementing cost effective solutions for influencing behavioural change
  • Develop skills to successfully implement and sustain a behavioural change programme

Training Methodology

Delegates will learn by active participation through inspiring presentation tools and interactive techniques presented in a lively, enthusiastic and interesting style. Delegates will take part in practical team exercises, typical case studies and open discussion forums, as related to their own organisation’s operational activities.

Organisational Impact

By successfully managing the behaviour of your workforce you will ensure fewer accidents and safer performance leading to reduced business costs. This will improve your business reputation and profile. The organizational impact will be:

  • Improved safety performance of staff
  • Better teamwork
  • Improved staff morale through improved behaviour
  • The professional development of staff
  • A reduction in incidents and losses
  • An increased reputation as a health and safety leader

Personal Impact

Course participants will learn how to effectively identify, understand and positively influence the behaviour of their staff using a variety of proven management techniques and interpersonal skills.  The personal impact will be:

  • Appreciating the importance of human factors
  • Receiving practical methods to improve safety behaviour
  • Developing the necessary skills for leadership, management and supervision
  • Appreciating the importance of human factors and teamwork
  • Understanding how improved behaviour leads to a successful safety culture
  • Learning how to implement and sustain behaviour change programme

Who Should Attend?

This Oxford Management Centre training course on  Behavioural Based Safety is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • All Line Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders 
  • Project Managers
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Managers
  • Engineers and Maintenance Personnel
  • HSE Managers and Auditors
  • Employee Representatives
  • All Personnel involved in managing people

Course Outline

Day 1

Human Factors and Leadership

  • Human Factors at Work
  • Body, Mind and Work
  • The Role of Leaders, Managers and Supervisors
  • Responsibilities and Accountabilities
  • Motivation and Demotivation at Work
  • Communicating the Safety Message

Day 2

Psychology of Workplace Behavior

  • Behavioral Causes at Work
  • Motivational Attitudes
  • Workplace Stress
  • Psychological Aspects of Job Design
  • Psychology of Work Groups and Teams
  • Principles of Mind Stimulation

Day 3

Behavior at Work

  • Behavioral Safety at Work
  • Negative and Positive Dimensions
  • Taylor, Herzberg, McGregor and Maslow
  • ABC Analysis (antecedents, behavior and consequences)
  • What drives Behavior?
  • Natural Penalties and Consequences

Day 4

Behaviour Creating a Successful Culture

  • Behaviour and Culture
  • Safety Culture and Safety Climate
  • The Influence Factors
  • Leadership and Culture
  • Improving Safety Performance
  • Success Factors and Barriers

Day 5

Implementing and Sustaining Behavioural Change

  • Identifying Critical Behaviours
  • Managing People and Their Attitude to Safety
  • Safety Observations and Improvements
  • Introducing a Behavioural Change Programme
  • Personal Action Plans
  • Sustaining Behaviour Improvements
  • Course Review


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.



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