An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Adaptability and Change Mindset

The Key to Mastering Change

Course Introduction

It is often quoted that The only way to survive is to adapt’.  In order to adapt - you must be willing to change.  This requires not only understanding the change process but requires positive a mindset for change.  This requires mental fortitude to cope with the inner conflict, crisis, doubt and fears within your environment – and be able overcoming these to achieve the change through resilience and vision.  In addition, you need to instill this confidence in others who will be affected by the change also.

This Adaptability and Change Mindset training course has been specifically designed to focus on developing yours, and others, change mindset.  The training course will look at the change process, models and theories – but more importantly it will draw upon key psychology and behavioural techniques to face change and adaptability with confidence. Developing your change mindset is the key to adaptability.

This Adaptability and Change Mindset training course will highlight:

  • The importance of understanding current change models and theories
  • The key psychological factors that are invoked during change situations
  • How to overcome the fear of self-doubt, and crisis in times of change
  • What is required to develop your ability to adapt with ease
  • How to ensure that others feel confident in the change and will adapt
  • The main strategies to change and adapt with confidence


At the end of Oxford Management Centre Adaptability and Change Mindset this training course, you will learn to:

  • Understand current change models and theories
  • Factor key psychological impulses invoked during change situations
  • Overcome the fear of self-doubt, and crisis in times of change
  • Develop your ability to change and adapt with ease
  • Ensure that others feel confident in the change to adapt
  • Create strategies to change and adapt with confidence

Training Methodology

Participants in this training course will receive thorough training on the subjects covered by the outline using a variety of proven adult learning teaching and facilitation techniques.  Training course methodology includes active presentations, interactive exercises, self-assessment diagnostics, targeted video presentations and participative discussions.  In addition, psychometric profile assessments will be utilized to enhance participants development in change

Organisational Impact

By attending this Adaptability and Change Mindset training course, the organisation will benefit from:

  • People who are able to adapt and change
  • More motivated and inspirational people in the organisation
  • Improved communication within the organisational dynamics
  • Enhanced personnel with targeted change skills and influence
  • Increased ability of determination, motivation and crisis control
  • Higher levels of organisational performance

Personal Impact

Delegates who attend this training course will benefit from:

  • Greater self-understanding about the change mindset and adaptability
  • Development of personal resilience and emotional control in times of crisis
  • The ability to achieve success through personal strength and inspiration
  • Improved mental and interpersonal skills
  • Enhanced skills and techniques to gain confidence in change situations
  • Greater levels of personal performance using powerful psychological techniques

Who Should Attend?

This Adaptability and Change Mindset training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals in many disciplines, but will greatly benefit:

  • Senior Executives/Directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Managers
  • Those identified as Change Agents in the organization

Course Outline

Day 1

The Change Process

  • Understanding change
  • The importance of adaptability
  • Starting with the change mindset
  • The importance of emotional intelligence in the equation
  • Key change models and theories
  • Change profile assessment

Day 2

Developing the Change Mindset

  • The personal change curve: Direct and indirect change
  • How the mind works in change situations
  • Developing your positive mental attitude: Cognitive re-structuring
  • Overcoming inner fear and self-doubt: You and others
  • Gain confidence in yourself to achieve and adapt
  • Maximising your mental fortitude for change

Day 3

Managing Key Factors in Change Communication

  • From solution focus – To the vision
  • Using questions to analyze and focus the mind
  • Beyond active listening
  • Acting to your inner thoughts
  • Overcoming negative people and situations
  • Communicate the vision with confidence

Day 4

Adaptability: Strategies and the Creative Mind

  • Adapt: the key focus
  • Overcoming problems: seeing beyond ‘normal’
  • Developing your creative mindset
  • Maximising a creative tool and techniques to adapt
  • Trial and error?  The agile approach
  • Powerful solutions through innovative ideas

Day 5


  • Empowering others
  • Implement through coaching and mentoring
  • Decision making process
  • Making decisions in team situations
  • The decision making funnel
  • Summary and review


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.


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