An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Municipal Construction Inspection

A Practical Approach to Structure Diagnosis and Rehabilitation

Course Introduction

This Municipal Construction Inspection training course will cover techniques for inspecting and assessing structures, evaluating the cause of concrete deterioration or steel bar corrosion, and developing a preventative maintenance program. Renovation of reinforced concrete structures has become more prevalent in recent years as a result of advancements in technology, materials, and maintenance and repair techniques.

The causes of structure deterioration will be examined in detail during this training course with an emphasis on corrosion and innovative protection solutions for steel bars. All repair and renovation methods will be examined theoretically and practically, and their merits and disadvantages will be discussed, as well as how to apply the most appropriate way.

This Municipal Construction Inspection training course will feature:

  • New methods of structure diagnosis
  • New methods of structure rehabilitation
  • Materials to be used in concrete structure restoration
  • Structure protection during the repair
  • Methods of protection



By the end of this Municipal Construction Inspection training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand modern and effective procedures for renovation of the building
  • Know the structure defects and cracks and diagnosis the reason for deterioration
  • Diagnose the problem and provide a repair solution
  • Familiarise with up-to-date renovation methods for concrete and steel structures
  • Diagnose the problem and suggest a solution


Training Methodology

This Municipal Construction Inspection training course will utilise a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. The training course will be highly interactive and participative. Videos and photos will be used for illustration.


Organisational Impact

  • Enhance the cost of renovation projects 
  • Enabling Better the renovation project cost
  • Improve the RC structure's maintenance cost and quality 
  • The value cost of renovation against project investment 
  • Maximise the organization's investment by having a long-lasting structure


Personal Impact

The participants will have the following benefits by attending this Municipal Construction Inspection training course:

  • Able to appraise structures
  • Able to describe the extent of renovations
  • Able to establish a realistic repair strategy
  • Able to employ advanced materials in renovations
  • Capable to use advanced materials in renovation


Who Should Attend?

This Municipal Construction Inspection training course is for people who work in the construction business and are responsible for building maintenance and repair. The training course will also help people who are responsible for generating maintenance document packages, diagnosing failure causes, and engineers who define and select repair procedures:

  • Structural engineer
  • Civil engineer
  • Construction inspector
  • Maintenance engineer
  • Project manager


Course Outline

Day 1

Building Assessment

  • Building inspection and evaluation
  • Inspection methods
  • Visual inspection criteria
  • New techniques for building inspection
  • Assess the building's danger
  • Determine the cause of degradation

Day 2

How to Repair an RC Structure Successfully

  • Assess the building's danger
  • Determine the cause of degradation
  • Define the types of cracks in the workshop.
  • Workshop: foundation cracks of various types
  • Problems in construction
  • Define the technique of repair
  • Step-by-step repair procedure

Day 3

Methods of protection

  • Evaluate the present protective coating
  • Types of protective coating
  • Properties of each kind
  • Precautions in utilising the coating
  • Types of cracks in R. C. structures
  • Comparison between different cracks
  • Reasons for each type of crack

Day 4

Cracked Structure Repair Techniques Corrosion

  • Materials used to repair corroded structure
  • Repair methods
  • Using polymer bonding materials
  • Types of polymers
  • Properties of these materials
  • Using hot rolled section for repair

Day 5

Maintenance Strategy

  • CFRP application
  • Design and construction of CFRP
  • Using CFRP for repair
  • Using CFRP for structure strengthening
  • Likelihood of building failure
  • Define consequences of failure
  • Provide risk matrix


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.

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