An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Legal Practitioners Crime Scene

Course Introduction

This OXFORD Legal Practitioners Crime Scene training course is an excellent opportunity for Legal Practitioners and associated roles to enrich their ability to identify how crime scene investigations are conducted, this includes how the crime scenes are secured, preserved and examined so that harvesting of forensic opportunities are maximized.

It is the job of legal practitioners to ensure that the police conduct their operations with integrity whilst adopting a clear and robust methodology, this is true when examining crime scenes. This OXFORD training course will give the participant’s the knowledge and skills to recognize when a forensic examination has been undertaken correctly for the circumstances. They will see how that using forensic examination techniques can assist and direct criminal investigations, understand the importance of preservation, the risks from contamination, how forensic evidence can contribute to an investigation and can assist Legal Practitioners to better understand forensic outcomes in criminal and civil cases.

This OXFORD training course will highlight:

  • Key roles and responsibilities involved in examining and managing crime scenes
  • The importance of securing, preserving and investigating crime scenes
  • The principles of criminalistics forensics used within a crime scene environment
  • The possible forensic evidence types available from crime scenes
  • Where it is appropriate to use forensic experts and modern forensic techniques


At the end of OXFORD training course, you will learn to:

  • Identify forensic examination and recovery methods appropriate to the investigation
  • Evaluate forensic investigations, tactics and strategy that are appropriate for the crime
  • Develop awareness of crime scene Investigation policies, procedures and processes
  • Describe the procedures for the collection, preservation and recording of Crime Scene samples
  • Identify effective operational Crime Scene Investigation techniques

Training Methodology

This OXFORD training course will have presentations that utilise a variety of proven adult learning techniques focused on best practices and case studies.

The training course will include Power Point presentations, active participation in class practical cases followed by active group sessions, video materials and tabletop activities.

Organisational Impact

The organisation will acquire a thorough understanding of the principles and practices required in forensic investigations which will allow them to objectivity analyse the effectiveness and appropriateness of the forensic comes.

  • Establish a thorough foundation of the fundamentals and challenges of examining crime scenes
  • Enhance client trust and confidence in the organisation’s ability to analyse forensic outcomes
  • Increase the understanding of forensic evidence to achieve successful results
  • Improve forensic competence, capability, and knowledge of Legal Practitioners
  • Enhance the quality of knowledge of forensic evidence within the organisation


Personal Impact

This OXFORD Legal Practitioners Crime Scene Training course will personally benefit the participants to develop their understanding and knowledge by the following: 

  • Appreciating the importance of robust crime scene management processes
  • Awareness of the critical challenges and most effective ways of gathering forensic evidence
  • Identifying scientists, experts and other supporting specialists that can maximise forensic intelligence and evidence gathering opportunities
  • Understanding the processes and discipline required to deliver evidence harvested from a crime scene to court which can be fully audited and has certainty around its integrity
  • The roles and responsibilities for all those engaged in the crime scene examination as well as overarching investigation
  • Identifying modern forensic opportunities and techniques

Who Should Attend?

This OXFORD Legal Practitioners Crime Scene training course is suitable for a wide range of law practitioners and associated roles enforcement engaged in the legal cases involving crime scene investigations.

This OXFORD training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Legal Practitioners
  • Police Officers
  • Prosecutors
  • Security Services
  • Immigration and Customs Officers
  • Intelligence Practitioners and Managers
  • Homicide, Kidnap and Rape Investigators
  • Counter-Terrorism Investigators
  • Serious and Organised Crime Investigators
  • Any other agency tasked with investigating crime

Course Outline

Day 1

Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation

  • The definition of crime scene
  • The role of crime scene investigation
  • Crime scene role profiles
  • Contamination issues
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Dynamic risk assessments
  • Pre-examination briefings
  • The ‘Golden Hour’ principle

Day 2

Scene Approach

  • Crime scene management and coordination
  • Crime scene examination strategy
  • Recording the scene
  • Notes, sketches, photography and videography
  • Searching crime scenes and locating forensic evidence
  • Confirm, Cordon, Secure and Control
  • Commons Approach Paths and Scene Rendezvous Point

Day 3

Forensic Principles and Exhibits

  • Locard’s principal of exchange
  • Exhibit examination plans
  • Contact trace evidence types
  • DNA and blood evidence
  • Packaging of forensic exhibits
  • Continuity of evidence

Day 4

Fingerprint Evidence

  • The history of fingerprint identification
  • The structure of skin
  • Fingerprint patterns and identify features
  • Searching for a latent fingerprints
  • Recording fingerprints found at crime scenes
  • Chemical treatments

 Day 5

Continuity and Processing of Forensic Evidence

  • Evidence continuity
  • The chain of evidence
  • Evidence procedures and documentation
  • Storage of evidence
  • Understanding forensic outcomes
  • Partner agencies


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.



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