An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Leading With Analysis

The Scientific Based Leadership

Course Introduction

This Oxford Management Centre Leading with Analysis training course presents a synthesis of experiences within the organizations which have implemented data analytics, data science, artificial intelligence and it’s exciting to see how many new analytics techniques and tools are at business leaders’ disposal, at the same time many companies and organizations have struggled to consistently add business value using AI and analytics, often investing large resources in such efforts with little return, and at the core of this issue it is that Data Science is way ahead of firms’ business practices.

The delegates attending this training course will acquire the knowledge on how to apply adequate tools and techniques of Data Analysis and acquire adequate value for money, without wasting efforts and developing a data analysis and scientific based management culture together with the implementation of modern tools and techniques.

This Leading with Analysis training course will highlight:

  • The role of a leader for the success of AI and analytics
  • Systematic way to understand what is going on with data in the enterprise
  • Active participation of Leaders in AI and Analytics
  • Leader role in transforming the organization to adapt and change
  • How to lead the organizational changes needed in people, data and systems, culture, and structure


At the end of this Leading with Analysis training course, you will learn to:

  • Identify best analytics strategy for the organization
  • Learn the Critical Time—and Opportunity— for Change
  • Understand the business value of the data analysis
  • Implement Analysis and Scientific Decision Making
  • Adopt The Four Stages of Analytics in organization

Training Methodology

This Leading with Analysis training course will utilize a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes examples of digital transformation strategies, issues and risks related to digital transformation, implementation examples and the tools, techniques as well as tips and tricks of digital transformation implementation.

Organisational Impact

The organizations will create the right high-stakes decisions and invest in supporting AI organization-wide; for business unit or division leaders who want to drive results through specific analysis initiatives; and for rising leaders who want to craft strategies and tactics to create real impact by the use of data analysis.

Organizations will greatly benefit from:

  • Identifying a path for any leader who wants to gain capability and confidence with analytics
  • Accepting analytics are not just the domain of data scientists or specific departments
  • Understanding that to use analysis effectively in your organization, you need critical thinking skills
  • Lead analysis-driven business initiatives with greater skill and confidence
  • Leaders which create organizational culture and structure for data analysis

Personal Impact

Delegates will therefore acquire a working knowledge of data analysis and its implementation within enterprises, which can significantly improve their opportunities in carrier growth and improvement of their working activities and day-to-day work.

Delegates will greatly benefit by:

  • Identifying a path for any leader who wants to gain capability and confidence with analytics
  • Understand where analysis can add value in organization
  • Identify what good analytics are and what to avoid
  • Enhancing their capabilities to lead the teams
  • Improving their knowledge of data science and project management in the digital word

Who Should Attend?

This Oxford Management Centre Leading with Analysis training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Inspired leaders or the ones trying to become inspired leaders
  • Managers
  • Technical leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Scientists

Course Outline

Day 1

Cultivating Leadership for Data Analysis

  • Data Analysis for Successful Leadership,
  • Framing the Problem to Maximize Added Value to Business and Organization,
  • Discovering Patterns in Data through the Use of Analysis,
  • Setting Expectations for successful Data Analysis Implementation
  • Planning and Managing Data Science Projects

Day 2

Virtuous Leaders and Data Analysis

  • Business Context of Opportunities
  • Navigating Organizational Structure and Data Architecture
  • Adapting to Business Priorities in Dynamic and Challenging Business Environments
  • Monitoring for Anomalies in Data
  • Exhibiting Positivity and Tenacity to Work Through Challenges
  • Curiosity and Collaborative Attitude in Responding to Incidents
  • Respecting Diverse Perspectives of Problem Solving

Day 3

Capabilities of a Digital Leader

  • Effective Project Delegation and Allocation
  • Building Powerful Teams
  • Influencing Partner Teams to Increase Impact
  • Fundamental Domain Opportunities
  • ROI for Prioritization, Despite Missing Data

Day 4

Technology Roadmaps

  • Build the Right Features for the Right People at the Right Time
  • Managing People, Processes, and Platforms
  • Deep Domain Understanding
  • Applying Initial Solutions Rapidly
  • Development Focus

Day 5

Structure, Process, and Incentive Changes

  • Problem-Driven-and Planned Up Front Analytics
  • Regressions, Likelihood, Distributions
  • Data Insights
  • Root Mean Square Error (RMSE)
  • Area Under the Curve (AUC)
  • Future Strategies and Digital Transformation


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.



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