An Interactive 5-Day Training Course

Intelligence Development for
Law Enforcement

Using Intelligence to Stay Ahead of the Criminals

Course Introduction

This Oxford Intelligence Development for Law Enforcement training course is a great opportunity for law enforcement officers and staff who want to improve their ability to investigate crimes of all descriptions in a more efficient and effective way so that human, technical and financial resources are more focused and deliver value for money. It covers essential elements of information, intelligence and evidence processing including recruiting and managing confidential informants, conducting covert surveillance such as phone tapping, tracking suspects and undercover infiltration of criminal networks through to crime pattern analysis, tasking and coordinating key resources and disseminating vital intelligence to the right teams and agencies. Using realistic case studies, it will bring to life both the challenges but also great benefits of utilizing cutting-edge police techniques to tackle the most sophisticated and professional criminals.

This is ideal for that intent on making the criminal operate in a hostile environment where law enforcement officers keep one step ahead and who are passionate about dismantling, disrupting, and prosecuting all types of criminal activity. 

This Oxford training course will highlight:

  • Collecting information from numerous sources and processing this into actionable intelligence
  • Determining source reliability and accuracy using a consistent model
  • Effective collection, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence
  • Recruitment, tasking, management, and security of confidential sources
  • Options, strategy, and tactics for the deployment of covert surveillance techniques


By the end of this Oxford training course, the participants will be able to: 

  • Understand the important role of intelligence development and processes during the investigation of crime
  • Demonstrate the benefits of effective methodology for intelligence collection, evaluation, analysis, and dissemination
  • Define informants and identify good practice around their recruitment management and use
  • Explain the meaning of covert investigations, identify the different types and manage the risks
  • Understand how covert methods can assist investigations

Training Methodology

This Oxford Intelligence Development for Law Enforcement training course will have subjects presented in utilising a variety of proven adult learning techniques, focused on case studies and best practices. This will include PowerPoint presentations, active participation in class practical cases followed by active group sessions, video materials, and tabletop activities.

Organisational Impact

The organization will acquire a thorough understanding of best practices around intelligence development structures, processes, and systems that will enable staff to operate at the highest level of capability as well as maximizing opportunities to dismantle, disrupt and prosecute criminal activity of all types. 

Impact on the organisation from the participants upon attending this Oxford training course includes the following benefits: 

  • Establish a thorough foundation regarding the fundamentals of Intelligence Development
  • Adopt an organized and structured way of developing intelligence
  • Improve the competence, capability, and performance of staff to tackle crime effectively
  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of combating crime and getting value for money
  • Enhance public trust and confidence in the organisations ability to reduce crime
  • Utilise cutting-edge tactics to keep one-step ahead of more and more sophisticated criminals

Personal Impact

This Oxford training course will personally benefit the participants to gain or enhance their understanding and knowledge by the following: 

  • Collect information from numerous sources and process this into actionable intelligence
  • Determine source reliability and accuracy using a consistent model
  • Understand the benefits of effective collection, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence
  • Confidence and insight into the recruitment, tasking, management, and security of confidential sources
  • Identify options, strategy, and tactics for the deployment of covert surveillance techniques
  • Understand the challenges of using covert tactics and how to use them efficiently and effectively as well as mitigating risks

Who Should Attend?

This Oxford Intelligence Development for Law Enforcement training course is suitable for a wide range of law enforcement officers and staff engaged in the investigation of the crime of all descriptions. 

This Oxford training course is a suitably wide range of professionals but will significantly benefit: 

  • Police Officers
  • Prosecutors
  • Security Services,
  • Immigration and Customs Officers
  • Intelligence Practitioners and Managers
  • Homicide, Kidnap and Rape Investigators
  • Counter-Terrorism Investigators
  • Serious and Organised Crime Investigators
  • Any other agency tasked with investigating and interviewing suspects, victims and witnesses regarding criminal activity

Course Outline


Intelligence Structures and Processes  

  • Investigative Decision Making
  • The Intelligence Cycle
  • Intelligence Structures
  • The National Intelligence Model
  • Key Personnel


Sources of Information and Reliability  

  • Information Sources
  • Assessing Reliability and Accuracy
  • Crime Analysis
  • Recording and Disseminating Intelligence
  • Tasking and Coordinating


Confidential Informants  

  • Informant Recruitment
  • Informant Motivation
  • Informant Management
  • Informant Tasking
  • Welfare and Security of Informants


Surveillance Strategy and Tactics  

  • Surveillance Legislation, Human Rights and Authorities
  • Surveillance Strategies and Tactics
  • Mobile Surveillance
  • Undercover Police Officers
  • Audio and Video Surveillance Monitoring


Crime Analysis and Operational Planning  

  • Geographical Profiles
  • Crime-type Profiles
  • Target Profiles
  • Operational Planning and Briefing
  • Security and Disclosure of Intelligence Case Management


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.




All Training Courses delivered by Oxford Management by default are eligible for CPE Credit.

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