An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Ethics, Governance and Regulation in Treasury

Integration and the Governance-Risk-Compliance Framework

Course Introduction

This Masterclass in Ethics, Governance, and Regulation in Treasury provides training on the framework for public sector governance underpinned by the principles of ethics, effectiveness, and performance. It supports organizational development driven by knowledge creation, dissemination, and application. The program will help enhance the learner’s knowledge and understanding of the nature of ethics-based governance, organizational values in the public sector and implementation of regulatory principles, how regulatory policies are designed, the mechanics of regulations used by governments to secure a stable business environment for the economy. This training course will provide insight into the role of the Treasury in the public administration.

This Ethics, Governance and Regulation in Treasury training course will give introduction to the key elements of ethics-based governance and regulation, help clarify the roles, duties and responsibilities of different Government bodies and their internal and external relations which is becoming an indispensable function in all corporate organizations whether private, public, or state owned. This training course will help differentiate between governance and public administration, key skills to create an enabling environment for the effective execution of the functions of Treasury.

This Oxford Management Centre training course will highlight:

  • The core concepts of governance and regulation
  • The role of the Treasury in budgetary governance
  • Effective ethics management procedures
  • The best practices in ethical governance and public administration
  • Moral risks for government
  • Effective & efficient regulatory practice



At the end of this Ethics, Governance and Regulation in Treasury training course, you will learn to:

  • Understand the basic concepts and key terms of governance and regulation
  • Explore different frameworks and ideologies on ethics and morality in government context
  • Improve alignment of the treasury function to values and ethics of the organization
  • Link regulatory efficiency with principle of good governance
  • Understand The GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) Perspective
  • Appreciate the inter-relation of Public Policy, Public Administration and Governance
  • Outline the major challenges governance and regulation in Treasury

Training Methodology

A highly interactive training course, where all delegates will be encouraged to engage and participate, share, and gain from each other’s knowledge and experience. The classroom lectures will rely on a slide presentation coupled with open questions and discussions, practical workshops, and relevant case studies.

Organisational Impact

This Oxford Management Centre training course gives you up-to-date knowledge and understanding into the domain of governance, regulation, and the role of treasury in different government systems. It enhances the public administration practice with a system of ethical principles and procedures for public sector management and organization.

By the end of this Ethics, Governance and Regulation in Treasury training course, you will learn:

  • Key Principles of Ethical Governance and how to embed it in the public and the private sector
  • The best practice in how to create a fair and robust regulatory environment for public finance
  • Define the parameters of high-quality governance framework
  • The implementation of the GRC framework of Governance-Risk-Compliance, how to design it and how to integrate the functions of Risk Management, Compliance & Internal Audit
  • Manage governance function within different organisational and business contexts

Personal Impact

This Ethics, Governance, and Regulation in Treasury training course will benefit participants by gaining knowledge that will enable them to have a better understanding on:

  • Their roles and responsibilities in the public administration process in the Treasury
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Treasury department related to governance and regulation of public finance
  • How to develop an effective policy making process?
  • How to design and formulate policies and procedures?
  • How to Implement and execute administrative control?
  • How to monitor and evaluate policies, programmes & other courses of actions adopted by the state?

Who Should Attend?

This Ethics, Governance and Regulation in Treasury training course is suitable to a wide range of public sector, government, and non-government officials, involved at various levels and different stages of the policy-making process, and in particular functions related to the Treasury. The training is designed for:

  • Officers-in-Charge of the Governance framework within the organization
  • Governing Body & CEO Levels
  • Board Secretaries / Board Consultants / Corporate Counsel
  • Ministerial & Ministerial Committee Levels
  • Executive Management and Directors
  • C Suite Executives (CIO, CTO, CFO, CMO, CHRO, etc.)
  • Legal, Audit, Risk, Operations, and IT Specialists
  • Staff working in Treasury functions
  • Regulatory Representatives
  • Managers with responsibility for internal compliance controls
  • Senior Management and Middle Management
  • Senior Officers
  • Officers

Course Outline

Day 1

Introduction to Governance and Control

  •  Definition of the concept and the function of governance
  • The principles of Ethical Governance
  • The roles and responsibilities of the Board and the Senior Management
  • Best practice in governance committee structures
  • Role of Audit Committee
  • The principles of disclosure and transparency
  • How to develop a commitment to corporate social responsibility?
  • The dilemma of Ethics vs. Control

Day 2

Managing the Regulatory Environment

  • What is Regulation?
  • Shaping the regulatory environment
  • Institutions regulating the financial sector
  • Policy instruments and techniques
  • Measuring policy impact
  • Understanding and implementing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) model

Day 3

Legal Order, Moral Order and Ethics in Finance 

  • Ethical issues in financial markets
  • Excuses for unethical behaviour
  • How to restrain unethical activities in finance
  • Ethics and Compliance
  • Risks Associated with unethical behaviour
  • Sources of morality and value-based systems

Day 4 

The GRC framework of Governance, Risk, Compliance

  • Ethical Governance Standard Framework
  • The Three (3) Lines of Defence Model
  • Assurance, Disclosure and Reporting – processes and mechanisms
  • Role of Internal Control and Risk Management
  • Role of internal and external audit
  • Establishing Integrated Reporting (IR) Framework
  • Corporate Affairs Involvement in GRC

Day 5 

Governance, Finance, and Crisis Management in the New Era of Uncertainty

  • Board of Governors role during crisis
  • Moral risks and how to mitigate them?
  • Financing Crisis Management Plans
  • The moral imperative of digital currencies and the role of Treasury
  • Treasury and managing sanction regimes
  • Challenges for key parties within governance
    • Regulators
    • The Board
    • Audit Committee
    • Customers
    • Suppliers
  • Governance models and meeting stakeholder requirements
  • Governance and strategy in the era of uncertainty


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.



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