An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Achieving CMMS Data Integrity

Converting Data into Business Intelligence

Course Introduction

Many companies cannot adequately use their CMMS because its data is incorrect or outdated (very badly performed new data builds or straight upload of legacy data from old systems). The main reason for a lack of data integrity is a lack of standards and guides; the people involved do what they think is the right way, but everyone has different ideas).

This highly-interactive Oxford Management Centre training course shows the best practices in building the CMMS data during the pre-operational phase and how to carry out major clean ups of the equipment and spares data.

It will help your team to adapt a structured approach to all aspects of new data builds to feel more in control for new builds or data transfer from legacy systems. Your team will learn skills and techniques to carry out critical reviews of the current CMMS Data to improve the data quality and integrity. The training course will examine the latest ways to guide periodic quality checks.


Specifically you will learn to:

  • Audit the Quality of your CMMS Data
  • Understand the CMMS Data Build Process
  • Achieve Improved CMMS Quality and Effectiveness
  • Understand How to Develop Databases in MS Access and Create Reports
  • Minimise The Need for Data Integrity Re-Work
  • Manage The Data Builds done by Third-Party Professionals

Who Should Attend?

All individuals whose work is related to or depending on Maintenance Management Systems:

  • Maintenance Managers, Maintenance Engineers, Maintenance Analysts
  • CMMS Key Users
  • Anyone involved in Data Integrity in Maintenance & Operations
  • Spares and Inventory Personnel

Course Outline

  • Gain a Thorough Understanding of CMMS Data Structuring and Coding
  • Identify and Resolve Data Build Problems
  • Understand and Practice the Power of Tools for Creating Data Builds
  • Discover How to Identify Equipment & Spares Criticality
  • Learn the Secrets of Coding Structures for Assets and Maintainable Groups
  • Deploy Guides & Standards to Design and Build the Asset or Equipment Register
  • Initiate Techniques to Conduct System an Data Quality Checks
  • Examine the Impact of Spares Analysis
  • Develop Strategic Maintenance Plans
  • Learn to Structure Preventive Maintenance in your System and Check its Quality


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.



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