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The Complete Course on IPO

Empowering Self with Knowledge & Skills to Make IPO a Success

Course Introduction

This Oxford Management Centre Initial Public Offering (IPO) training course is designed to develop the essential skills necessary to enable you to understand how to support your company in seeking capital for its growth by selling part of its shares to the public.

This is an intensive and highly practical training course qualifying you to become proficient in the IPO process. It will help you to be an expert in the requested operation in IPO's arrangement, management, pricing and distribution.

This course also covers several topics regarding the selection of an investment bank, that called underwriter, to facilitate the process. Underwriter helps determine the appropriate type of securities to be issued, the right pricing, as well as the most favorable timing for the Initial Public Offering (IPO). By the end of this course, you will be ready to plan out your action plan for an initial public offering (IPO).


By the end of this Oxford training course, you will be able to:

  • Learn the concept of an initial public offering.
  • Be able to develop a plane to execute a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Understand the advantages & disadvantages of an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for a company and entrepreneur
  • Have the essential skills to select the various parties involved
  • Do proficient the due diligence process
  • Enhance the operation of the book making and pricing decisions
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the auditors.
  • Understand the requirements of the timing, legal, accounting and reporting system to get a company in shape

Training Methodology

Participants to this Oxford Initial Public Offering (IPO) training course will receive an overview of the Initial Public Offering (IPO)  process from conception to closing the offering. The training methodology includes case studies, group live instruction, presentation and discussion of worked examples, group discussion and interactive participation is encouraged.

Organisational Impact

This OXFORD training course is of direct relevance to Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)  and as a result the organizations will benefit greatly from their employee’s participation.

The organization will gain from:

  • More effective support for Initial Public Offering (IPO) team
  • Greater relevance and reliability of analyzing the regulatory bodies involved in a public offering and supporting the Initial Public Offering (IPO)  team in dealing with various regulators
  • More strategic thinking and focus on performance
  • More effective use of developing successful Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Preparation of staff for increased responsibility

Personal Impact

This OXFORD training course will be of personal benefit to delegates by providing you with:

  • A better understanding of the context and importance of the Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
  • Greater awareness of industry practices, problems and solutions
  • Increased understanding and assurance to complete tasks successfully
  • Increased self-confidence and motivation at work
  • Greater job satisfaction in providing quality support to management
  • Greater ability to supervise, develop and motivate colleagues

Who Should Attend?

This IPO training course is designed to deliver the knowledge and skills, providing details of the latest policies and procedures to:

  • Professionals in all functions
  • Entrepreneurs, Investment and Commercial Bankers
  • Investment and Analysts
  • Lawyers and Accountants
  • Brokerages and Advisers
  • Treasury Managers
  • Auditors
  • Credit Managers

Course Outline

Day 1

Overview of Initial Public Offering (IPO)  Process

  • Definition of Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • What are the reasons for “Going Public “?
  • The Parties Involved
    • Your Company
    • Investment Bank
    • External Auditors
    • Lawyers
    • Investor / Public relations
  • The Factors to be needed before applying for an Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Going Public
  • Skills required to work on an Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Day 2

Regulators & Market Requirement

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Core Requirement
    • Financial Positions
    • Stability of Business
    • Profit Record
    • Minimum Expected Market Capital
    • Public Float
  • Market and Investor Requirements
  • Accounting Methods
  • Valuation of the Company
  • Governance/ Responsibilities of the Board

Day 3

Preparing for the Initial Public Offering (IPO)

  • Procedures to Change to a “Public Structure“
  • Factors Triggering the Timing of Going Public
  • The Initial Public Offering (IPO)  Team
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) Costing
  • The Investor Prospective
  • Due Diligence Process

Day 4

Initial Public Offering (IPO)  Process

  • Investment Bank Selection
  • Registration the Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Regulation Fillings
  • The Underwriting Structure
  • Pricing & Underwriting
  • Methods of Flotation

Day 5

On-going Obligations & Closing for Initial Public Offering (IPO)

  • Road Show
  • PDMRs and Close Periods
  • Disclosure of Price-Sensitive Information
  • Disclosure of Dealings and Shareholdings
  • Internal Audit and Risk Management
  • Metrics for judging a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO) Process


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.



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