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Social Insurance & Retirement Training Courses

Classroom training: 15 courses Online training: 1 courses

Social Insurance is an innovative concept where the government intervenes in the insurance market to ensure that a group of individuals are protected against the risk of any emergencies that lead to financial problems. It is part of the retirement plan for almost every employee. It provides replacement income for qualified retirees and their families. Insurance involves a process where individuals' claims are partly dependent on their contributions, which can be considered as insurance premium to create a common fund out of which the individuals are then paid benefits in the future.

Oxford Management Centre's Social Insurance & Retirement training courses focuses on key issues on understanding of the program, the application process, and the tools and resources available to you. Our dynamic and collaborative training courses will also help you to grasp more personal issues such as work-life transitions, emotional preparedness and new or part-time employment.

16 courses:






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