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Public Sector Management Training Courses

Deliver Efficient Results for the Society

Classroom training: 35 courses Online training: 16 courses

Public sector shortfalls are reported almost on a daily basis in media and other platforms: people’s money being mismanaged or outright misused; demotivated or poorly trained civil servants; badly organized government agencies, etc. Hence, citizens are either deprived of quality public services, or must go through a bureaucratic maze to access them. These failures mandate continuous reforms of a government’s administrative and bureaucratic practices including strengthening of its integrity, transparency, and accountability - as well as improving its effectiveness and efficiency. The Oxford Management Centre Public Sector Management training courses focuses in the efforts at Public Sector Management reform. The training courses will cover the best practices, tools, and techniques as well as methodologies to overhaul the administrative systems to better serve the needs of both government and citizenry with improved delivery of public services and efficiently execute on the government’s promises and sustain good governance.

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