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Feasibility Analysis

Decision Making in Projects

Business Improvement & Quality Techniques

Feasibility Analysis

Total Project Management

Total Project Management

Technical Project Management

Technical Project Management

Refinery Process Yield Optimisation

Programme Management

Project Financial & Risk Appraisal

Contract & Project Risk Management & Compliance

Project Risk Management & Compliance

Project Risk Management & Compliance

Oil & Gas Contracts

Project and Process Management are two of the most important components in achieving effective results in any business enterprise or structured undertaking. The success of any project, business venture or process is often determined through the efficient application of the principles of Project and Process Management. By attending a selection of the Oxford Management Centre’s Project Management training courses, your enhanced understanding and skills in delivering effective results will become indispensable assets for your organisation.

Our unique and high-quality Project Management training courses will help you gain the expertise necessary to manage complex projects and processes from conception and planning through to execution and completion. Oxford Management Centre’s selected Project Management training courses provides comprehensive coverage of relevant process and project management methodologies.


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