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Leadership, Strategy and Innovation Training Courses

Develop your Core Management Capabilities

Classroom training: 398 courses Online training: 155 courses

Oxford Management Centre has responded to the major new challenges by developing a powerful range of integrated, high-level management development courses that will enable experienced managers and specialists to take advantage of change.  The focus of our Leadership, Strategy and Innovation category is on developing and leveraging leadership and analytical capability in creating effective strategic plans and managing their implementation to achieve and sustain profitable growth and introduce the innovative approaches to business and organisational change that will determine future success. Leadership, Strategy and Innovation are the three components of top-level performance during this process of development.  These courses will put you in a better position to deal with the challenges in an economic environment in which innovations in strategy, structure, technology and systems are developing more rapidly than at any other time.  Let us, at Oxford Management Centre, work with you to get ahead of the trends.

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