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Government Affairs Training Courses

Improve Performance and Services in the Government Sector

Classroom training: 34 courses Online training: 7 courses

At the Oxford Management Centre, our mission is to facilitate better government and public policy decision making around the world. The Oxford Management Centre's Government Affairs training courses are designed for delegates who wish to gain an understanding of the policy and management issues of international, local, and federal governments, major corporations, non-profit organisations and trade bodies.

Our Government Affairs training courses have been developed in tandem with leading policy makers, civil servants and legislative professionals and welcome delegates from a range of backgrounds, such as political appointees, elected officials and civil servants alongside professionals operating within the wider public affairs and policy sector. From legislative process, parliamentary procedure to masterclasses in government affairs, public policy and digital governance, these training courses will equip you with the tools needed to reinforce your skills, strengthen integrity in your organisations, learn from the newest developments within your field, and connect with a cohort of peers from around the world – ensuring you are operating with best practice, wherever you are. By attending an Oxford Management Centre's Government Affairs training course, you are preparing yourself to take on the most pressing issues of tomorrow, today.

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