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Banking & Financial Regulation Training Courses

Understanding Regulatory Framework for
Banking and Financial Intermediaries

Classroom training: 18 courses Online training: 9 courses

Banking and financial regulations are constantly evolving to protect businesses from undue influences of financial crises, sophisticated fraud, financial crimes, cyber-attacks, big data management issues, political instability, macroeconomic issues, and many other risk factors. The responsibility is now on businesses to adopt and adapt new regulations to achieve both financial and operational resilience. It is vital to understand the latest developments in the area of banking and financial regulation as they can then be incorporated in an existing business model to build a more resilient, successful, and sustainable business. The Oxford Management Centre professional development courses in Banking and Financial Regulation provide a unique opportunity to existing and emerging corporate leaders to sharpen their knowledge on these regulatory innovations. This training course unwraps the vital regulations and discusses the appropriate framework that is required to update the current business model. Browse our upcoming Banking & Financial Regulation training courses:

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