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An Interactive 5-Day Training Course

Practical Tools for Effective Leadership

Motivating, Coaching, Counselling, and Mentoring

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19 Dec - 23 Dec 2021



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25 Sep - 29 Sep 2022



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Course Introduction

Both Generation X and Generation Y employees expect their managers, supervisors and leaders to be able to able to motivate, coach, counsel and mentor them. To be able to display these abilities, managers must have robust models and relevant skills and knowledge in order to support their staff. This programme is based around four powerful models that will help managers to structure their activities for maximum effect and guarantee successful outcomes with their staff.

This dynamic and highly interactive Oxford Management Centre traning program is very practical and incorporates a number of exercises and role plays that have been designed to enable delegates to practice the necessary skills in a safe and realistic environment. In addition, it will build upon delegate’s existing experience and knowledge to make sure that learnings are relevant and applicable in the workplace.


  • Master the seven-base Q-OPD ‘MR BEVIS’ motivation framework to determine current levels of motivation in staff and develop each of the bases
  • Skilfully use the powerful Q-OPD ‘SOCORE’ coaching model to structure both casual and formal coaching sessions / conversations for maximum effect
  • Distinguish between professionally-mediated counselling for mental health issues (together with Employee Assistance Programmes – EAPs) and line manager-mediated counselling for problem employees
  • Apply the comprehensive Q-OPD ‘PRLCI’ mentoring model to provide a full mentor provision to mentees / protégés and ‘fast-track’ candidates
  • Cover powerful communication, influence and Emotional Intelligence techniques and skills
  • Provide highly effective motivational, developmental and critical feedback both face-to-face and by email / memo

Who should attend?

  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Management Professionals
  • Management Staff
  • Line Managers
  • Technical Managers
  • All Professionals at all levels who want to become effective at coaching and motivating others
  • HR or Training Staff
  • Anyone required to coach or mentor others

Course outline

  • Mastering the Key Coaching Skills
  • Displaying Active Listening Skills
  • Understanding your Personal Communication Style and Personality Preferences
  • Showing the Five Major Emotional Intelligence (EI) Skills
  • Motivating others to Achieve using the Q-OPD ‘MR BEVIS’ Approach
  • Mentorship Programmes and Relationships based upon the Q-OPD ‘PRLCI’ Mentoring Model
  • Having a sensitive awareness of Workplace Mental Health Issues and being able to marshal timely, appropriate support
  • Appreciating the Limits of Counselling (duty of care issues) and Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs)
  • Understanding your Personal Career Journey
  • Setting your Career Goals and Achieving them

To request for the full course outline, you may send email: info@oxford-management.com or call: +971 4 5896164


OXFORD Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course


All Training Seminars delivered by Oxford Management by default are eligible for CPE Credit.

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