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An Interactive 5-Day Training Course

Mastering the Art of Design Thinking and Agile Creativity

Innovative Resolution Problem Solving for the 21st Century Workplace

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22 Aug - 26 Aug 2022



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Course Introduction

How can you solve complex, and ambiguous problems in the workplace when traditional methods are just not working?  How can you create your organisation’s USP (Unique Selling Point) to differentiate you from your competition?  How can you improve on processes and systems that may involve people centric issues?    Do you need a problem solving method that can be used by all disciplines, and at all levels in the organisation?

The most innovative and forward-thinking organizations in the world, utilize Design Thinking to create ground-breaking ideas and solutions to solve previously difficult problems.  By unlocking the creative and agile thinking of individuals and teams, Design Thinking becomes a powerful resource tool essential for organizational growth and sustainability in today’s rapidly changing environment.  Be the first to master this discipline before your competitors.

This Oxford Management Centre training course will highlight:

  • The strategic importance of applying Design Thinking in the modern workplace
  • A greater understanding of positive psychology used in solving problems
  • The advantages of Design Thinking over traditional problem solving techniques
  • Utilise the power of Design thinking for complex, multi-discipline problems
  • The human centric and key behavioural skills needed to master this technique
  • Propose practical workable solutions ideal for the customer or client
  • How to create a design thinking culture within your organization?


At the end of this training seminar, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the advantages of using Design Thinking in the workplace
  • Develop and expand your creative and agile mind
  • Apply Design Thinking for complex, multi-discipline creative problem solving solutions
  • Develop your human centric interpersonal and behavioural skills
  • Conduct Design Thinking problem solving sessions with your team
  • Achieve buy-in from key stakeholders to your proposed decision
  • Develop a Design Thinking culture in the organisation

Who should attend?

  • Leaders, Managers and Team Leaders / Supervisors who need to actively problem solve to make effective and efficient decisions in the workplace
  • Whilst extremely beneficial to technical / engineering disciplines the methods and approaches can be used in other professions such as HR, Commercial, Finance, Marketing, etc
  • The seminar would also be benefit Junior / Middle Managers new to their role, or with experience but little previous training

Course outline

  • Utilise the Power of Design Thinking and its Strategic Importance
  • Apply the 5 Primary Stages of Design Thinking
  • Understand Solution Focused and Systems Thinking Application
  • Develop Agile Creativity and an Innovative Mindset in Yourself and Others
  • The Psychology of Problem Solving and Harness the Power of Visualization
  • Analyse the Human Centric Interpersonal Skills needed in Design Thinking
  • Learn Powerful Questioning Techniques to Build Emphatic Understanding
  • Solve Complicated, Multi-Discipline Workplace Problems with your Team
  • Use Rapid Decision- Making Processes and Mitigate Decision Making Errors
  • Lead Change and Agile Organisational Creative Thinking

To request for the full course outline, you may send email: info@oxford-management.com or call: +971 4 5896164


OXFORD Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course


All Training Seminars delivered by Oxford Management by default are eligible for CPE Credit.

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