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Managing & Motivating Towards Excellence

Skills, Competencies, Traits, & Techniques

Course Introduction

This Oxford Management Managing & Motivating Towards Excellence online training Course is a ‘must attend’ for anyone who is seeking to develop their Management and Leadership Skills. The success of any organisation is directly related to the ability of the leadership team to create an environment that inspires employees to give their best. To quote Simon Sinek ‘Great Leaders make us feel Safe’ As such that means if our people feel safe, they can explore, grow, and innovate, great things happen. This Oxford Management online training Course will help you build your capability to help you get more of what you want more often.

When was the last time you had 5 days to think about you in the context of Managing and Leading others? Of the many diagnostic questions posed on this Course ‘Can a Manager Motivate?’ will be explored at length by employing a variety of learning platforms. So, if you are ready to power charge your leadership thinking, look no further and book this Course.

This online training Course will enable the participants to:

  • Build strong working relationships with their team and peer groups
  • Accelerate buy in and gain commitment from those around them
  • Achieve results faster through efficiency
  • Create a motivational winning environment
  • Develop a personal learning framework for continued Leadership growth


By the end of this virtual training program, delegates will be better able to:

  • Inspire willing followership
  • Focus, with clarity on when to manage and when to lead
  • Build strong cross functional working teams
  • Encourage collaborative working across the organisation
  • Apply agility and variance when leading others
  • Achieve outstanding results by helping others give the best of themselves

Training Methodology

This online training Course will utilize a variety of proven online learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension, retention of the information presented. The training Course is conducted Online via an Advanced Virtual Learning Platform in the comfort of any location of your choice.

Organisational Impact

  • Begin to develop a future proof people centric organisation
  • Create a pathway for effective cross-functional working
  • Retain high performing staff
  • Stimulate creative and innovative thinking in the workplace
  • Establish a ‘best in class’ Leadership template

Personal Impact

  • Gain personal leadership insights to enable Leadership development
  • Enhance their ability to create a motivational and free-thinking work environment
  • Understand how to build a winning proactive team
  • Have the skill and judgement to apply a wide range of collaborative problem-solving methods that trigger outstanding results
  • Be able to apply the tools learnt on the Course to accelerate results achievement

Who Should Attend?

  • All Leaders and Professionals who are motivated to be better prepared to lead their teams or workforce
  • Anyone interested in developing their skills in motivating and leading teams to achieve the organizational mission
  • Anyone who wants a better understanding of the psychology of workplace behaviour
  • Management Professionals who are making the transition to leadership
  • Management Professionals who want to expand their repertoire of knowledge and skills to get even more from their teams

Course Outline


Future Based Leadership Thinking

  • The Essential Elements of Leading into the Future
  • Creating a Personal Leadership Vision
  • Identifying Your Personal Leadership Building Blocks
  • Leadership Self-assessment
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Exploring Leadership Psychology
  • Identifying Leadership and Personal Blind Spots
  • The Value of Feedback


Building Winning Teams through Engagement

  • The Essential Building Blocks of Winning Teams
  • The Role of the Leader in Creating a Winning Team
  • Exploring the Science of Motivation
  • Understanding Team Roles
  • Team Role Self-Assessment
  • The Importance of Building Strong Connections with Others
  • The Foundation of Any Winning Team: Trust


The Essential Ingredients of Task Delivery

  • The Importance of Goal Setting
  • Setting Task and Development Goals
  • Creating an Environment where Great Ideas Flourish
  • Facilitating Discussions and Idea Generation
  • Understanding and Managing Creative People
  • Exploring Problem Solving Methods
  • Leadership and Decision-making
  • Creativity for Business Breakthroughs


Negotiating Effective Outcomes

  • Defining What Negotiation Is and Isn’t
  • The Keys Stages of Negotiation
  • Trust within Negotiation
  • Preparing for Negotiations
  • Like, Intend and Must
  • Why exploring interests in negotiation is crucial?
  • Learning to Trade Variables
  • The Importance of Securing an Outcome that Suits Both Parties


Professional Presentation Skills

  • Planning Your Presentation
  • Determining Your Presentation Objective
  • Structuring the Content to Meet the Objective
  • The Impact of Verbal and Non-verbal Communication
  • How to Keep the Audience Involved?
  • The Importance of a Strong Presentation Close


Oxford Management Centre e-Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.




All Training Courses delivered by Oxford Management by default are eligible for CPE Credit.

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