An Intensive 5-day Training Course

Management & Leadership Skills for Engineer and Science Based Professionals

Transforming the Professionals into Managers and Leaders

Course Introduction

Management and Leadership skills make the vital difference to successfully delivering technical excellence and creating opportunities for career growth. This much overlooked aspect in the training and development of science based professionals rapidly becomes an essential career differentiator – the skills to engage interest, manage efficiently, promote concepts and inspire others can be acquired and, with practice, deployed to considerable advantage.

This Oxford Management Centre training course is specially designed by an engineer for science bases professionals – it examines the typical issues and concerns facing technical professionals from a management and leadership perspective – developing an understanding of the root causes and exploring practical solutions.

This programme, which treats the fundamentals of these subjects from a logical and structured basis, an approach which should readily appeal to science based graduates, permitting the subject to be understood as a “management science.” The teaching approach is free from buzz words, psychobabble and management gimmicks which should enable the delegates to lever a range of powerful concepts and principles to unexpected advantage.


This training course is intended to provide the professional with a robust foundation to understand management and leadership techniques in a manner which is engaging and relevant to their career advancement. This should enable the delegates to:

  • Gain a logical and straightforward understanding of management science – which has direct practical application in the workplace
  • Acquire a relevant portfolio of techniques which will enable delegates readily consolidate grow their management and leadership skills
  • Establish their management and leadership style and build their own personal development models.

Training Methodology

The training methodology is highly participative – it will be tutor led with delegates encouraged to discuss the various principles in the context of their own work environment (without being specific). There will be scenarios and case studies to promote interaction and reinforce learning.

Organisational Impact

The development of managers and leaders such that they can work in a logical and confident manner can have a transformational impact on organisations:

  • Realising the role and purpose strategy and how to deploy it with power and consistency with the organisations goals
  • Logical basis for making decisions based on a sound understanding of organisational theory
  • Ability to lever the power of process
  • Ability to manage and lead with the agility needed in contemporary and future digitally driven environments

Personal Impact

Professionals with a practical grasp of management science will have the potential to make a step change in career development – this course offers the opportunity to:

  • Gain insights to organisational strategy and appreciate its role and benefits, and how to deliver with power and effectiveness
  • To understand the logic behind organisation structure any how to deliver results as a manager and leader
  • Gain an appreciation of the psychology of communication and how to interact with senior management, peers and your team
  • Build an understanding of logic based decision making and how to deploy these skills with effect

Who Should Attend?

This Oxford course is intended for science and technology based professionals in disciplines. It is appropriate at all career levels where there is a desire or need to enhance management and leadership skills – it will be suitable for:

  • mid-career where these skills and techniques are essential for professional growth and
  • senior management who may want to review their management and leadership skills through this solid and logical foundation
  • early career graduates as a foundation

This course is also suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit those with the following disciplines:

  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Earth Science
  • Pharmacy

Course Outline

Day 1

Broad based Appreciation of the difference between Management and Leadership

  • Introduction
  • Perceptions of Management Science
  • Theory that Works in Practice
  • How Organisations Work
  • Identifying the difference between a Manager and a Leader
  • Contemporary Management and Leadership Models
  • Business Strategy – its Role and Deployment
  • Core Business Process and Value Chain
  • Scalability of Business Models
  • Altering Perspectives
  • Teams: Characteristics and Management

Day 2

About Organisations

  • The Importance of Understanding Organisations
  • Types of Organisations
  • Mechanisms for Succession
  • The Role and Significance of the Customer
  • Aldiizes Life Cycle and Regeneration
  • Projects – their Role and how Management and Leadership Challenges
  • Functioning and non-functioning Organisations
  • Linking Competencies and Resourcing
  • Static and Dynamic Organisations
  • Emergence and Flow

  • Organisational Design and Organisational Development
  • Importance and Roles of Vision, Mission, Values and Goals
  • The Value of Shared Concepts
  • Resilience, Agility and their Impact on Success
  • Management Methodologies in Common Use
  • Different Types of Organisation Structure
  • Emergence, Flow and Business Eco-Cultures
  • Management Philosophy
  • Performance Management
  • Operating Rhythm

Day 3

About Self: As a Manager and Leader

  • Emerging Challenges for Managers & Leaders in the Digital Era
  • Self-Perception and Resilience
  • Assessment Techniques
  • Recognizing the Unconscious Mind and the Inner Judge
  • Analyzing and Reconfiguring Self
  • NLP – an Insight
  • Management Styles
  • Management – some useful Models
  • Dealing with Disruptive Behaviors
  • Mindfulness

Day 4

Identification of Organisational Issues

  • Scientific Management
  • Contemporary Interpretation of Scientific Management
  • Assessment of Organisations
  • Application of People, Process & Technology
  • Process Analysis and Levering Effectiveness
  • Organisation Maturity
  • Process Efficiency – Measurement Techniques
  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Drivers for Change
  • As is Situation and Change Readiness
  • The to be Situation and Organisational Readiness
  • Mind Map Modelling
  • Tuckmans Team and Group Development Model
  • The Reality of Change
  • The Six Stages of Change

Day 5


  • Review of Leadership and its Emergence
  • Tolerance, Timing and Judgement
  • Strategic vs Delivery
  • Relevance of EI/ EQ
  • Problem Avoidance
  • Personal Branding
  • Leadership and Mentors
  • Gravitas
  • Reading People
  • Double Loop Learning
  • A Look Ahead – Data Analytics and Uncertainty
  • Personal Action/ Development Plan


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.



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