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Improve your Effectiveness at Work

Remember More, Read Better and Communicate Clearly

Course Introduction

This Oxford Management Improve your Effectiveness at Work online training Course teaches you powerful approaches to reading documents and books, remembering important information, mind mapping, creative-thinking and problem-solving, presenting your ideas and teamworking.

It aims to help you refresh and update the essential basic skills that everyone needs to be successful in today’s working environment. At the same time, it invites you to reflect on the personal strengths you bring to the workplace (thinking outside the job description) and gives tips for developing flexible, effective approaches to handling information and inter-personal communications.

This Oxford Management online training Course will highlight:

  • How you can be more effective in handling information overload
  • Approaches to creativity and innovation at work
  • Memory techniques to help you remember important information
  • How to successfully get across your ideas in conversations, in meetings and in presentations
  • How to develop basic skills needed to build your career


This Oxford Management online training Course aims to:

  • Help you develop approaches to creativity, innovation and problem-solving at work
  • Help you improve interpersonal communications and team working skills
  • Revise and refresh everyday reading, note-making and memory skills
  • Update your thinking about managing your time and planning for results
  • Improve your effectiveness at work

Training Methodology

This online training Course will utilize a variety of proven online learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension, retention of the information presented. The training Course is conducted Online via an Advanced Virtual Learning Platform in the comfort of any location of your choice.

Organisational Impact

Organisations can expect delegates to:

  • Raise their efficiency levels
  • Have confidence in their ability to handle information overload
  • Have practiced strategies for effective reading & note making
  • Save time and resources through better time management
  • Improve their ability to think for themselves, work with others & develop action plans

Personal Impact

Delegates can expect to:

  • Learn about fast, effective reading, memory, and note-making skills (using mind-mapping)
  • Develop your ability to present ideas
  • Learn simple techniques to help manage time & plan for results
  • Learn clear-thinking approaches to use when dealing with problems
  • Improve self-belief and self-confidence when working alone or as part of a team
  • Understand the importance of teamwork, and what you can do to improve it

Who Should Attend?

This Oxford Management Improve your Effectiveness at Work online training Course provides an opportunity for everyone to refresh and update the essential core skills needed to be successful. It is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Management Professionals
  • Marketing, HR and PR Professionals
  • Salespeople
  • Anyone wanting to improve their effectiveness at work
  • Members of Project Teams / Groups

Course Outline


Creativity and Innovation at Work

  • Self-assessment: Your Personal Strengths and Weaknesses at Work
  • Learn to Use Mind-mapping – The extraordinary note-making, planning and creativity tool
  • What is creativity and how does it differ from innovation?
  • Barriers to Creative Thinking
  • Four Key Focus Areas for Creativity at Work


Communications and Teamworking

  • Getting Your Point Across: Know What to Say and When to Say It
  • A Simple Template for Planning and Organizing Your Ideas
  • Working in Groups
  • How teams evolve and What you can do to help a team meet its objectives?
  • Dealing with Difficult People


Reading Strategies

  • Thinking about the Reading Process (identifying your current skills)
  • Reading as a Conscious, Deliberate Process
  • Fast Reading, Slow Reading, and Reading with Confidence
  • Combining Reading Strategies with Mind-mapping Skills to Increase Effectiveness
  • Improve Your Reading by Understanding ‘business writing’ Skills


Time Management as a Deliberate Choice

  • Time Management: Implementing a Solid Daily Routine
  • Planning (What you have to do?) and Prioritisation (What you must do first?)
  • Linking Plans and Priorities to Your Diary in Order to Achieve Results
  • Dealing with Interruptions and Distractions
  • Finding Balance between Working-life and Home-life


Your Personal Skills-Set: Putting It All Together

  • Memory Challenge
  • Memory Principles
  • Using a Memory System
  • Handling Information Overload
  • Self-assessment: Your Personal Strengths and Weaknesses at Work


Oxford Management Centre e-Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.




All Training Courses delivered by Oxford Management by default are eligible for CPE Credit.

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