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An Interactive 5-Day Training Course

Good to Great

Managing and Improving Business Performance

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22 Nov - 26 Nov 2021



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18 Jul - 22 Jul 2022



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21 Nov - 25 Nov 2022



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Course Introduction

The key steps to building a world-class organisation – how good companies become truly great!

Many good companies develop innovative business strategies but a surprisingly high proportion lacks the right systems, tools and methodologies to successfully implement, execute and, most critically, adapt them.

This Oxford Management Centre leading-edge workshop will show you how to use the best tools for the job in a performance management framework that will allow your organisation not just to formulate a winning strategy, but also communicate it to key managers; implement and execute its winning ideas and continuously manage and adapt it to meet the dynamic conditions of the 21st century.


This training course is designed to provide delegates with a practical working understanding of the fundamental principles and practice of strategy development and execution in the real world conditions in which they work; after the course you will be able to:

  • Apply strategic thinking and analysis in business planning
  • Understand and use the tools to convert high level strategic ideas in to effective objectives, measures and targets
  • Recognise and manage the drivers of stakeholder value value
  • Implement an organisational performance management system
  • Understand and apply the principles of effective team leadership
  • Apply modern techniques in cost management and reduction
  • Develop and use powerful forecasting methods

Who should attend?

  • Chief Executives and Chief Operating Officers
  • Financial Professionals, Financial Controllers and Management
  • Strategic and Corporate Planning Managers
  • Functional Heads with responsibility for Key Business Strategies
  • Managers running business critical Front-Line and Support Departments
  • Managers being prepared for key operational posts in the company

Course outline

  • What Makes a Great Organization?
  • Defining and Balancing Stakeholder needs
  • Strategic Analysis and Approaches to Strategy Formulation
  • Designing a Winning Business Model
  • Principles of Outstanding Team Leadership
  • Dealing with Resistance to Organisational Change
  • Using the Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecards
  • Identifying Key Success Factors and Performance Indicators
  • Understanding, Managing and Reducing Business Costs
  • Designing and Implementing Effective Budgeting Systems
  • Adaptive Management Processes in Action
  • Developing an Integrated Approach to Risk Management
  • How the Mighty Fall? - Nokia and Kodak
  • Business Model Disruption and How to Successfully deal with it

To request for the full course outline, you may send email: info@oxford-management.com or call: +971 4 5896164


OXFORD Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course


All Training Seminars delivered by Oxford Management by default are eligible for CPE Credit.

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