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An Interactive 5-Day Training Course

Fraud Prevention, Detection and Investigation

The Invisible Enemy

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07 Nov - 11 Nov 2022



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06 Feb - 10 Feb 2023



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Course Introduction

Fraud is one of the fastest growing aspects of the world economy is costing the world more than USD 3 trillion per year (Source – The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners).

This comprehensive Oxford Management Centre training Course will help you to develop a world class fraud prevention programme, target key fraud risks by using proven fraud detection techniques and implement effective procedures to investigate fraud and malpractice.

It will help you significantly enhance the effectiveness of the fight against this largely invisible enemy.


Specifically you will learn to:

  • Identify the profiles of likely fraudsters
  • Evaluate the fraud risks
  • Develop a cybersecurity fraud prevention programme
  • Target identity fraud
  • Develop an anti-corruption strategy
  • Understand Why traditional controls are unlikely to protect you against fraud
  • Put yourself in the mind of the fraudster
  • Update the code of conduct to provide additional protection
  • Use data analytics techniques to detect fraud

Who should attend?

  • Newly appointed fraud specialists
  • Managers needing a broader understanding of how to investigate all types of fraud
  • Auditors who need to learn about the most modern approaches to fraud prevention and investigation
  • Members of fraud teams who need to learn more about targeting internal fraud
  • Managers needing a broader understanding of how to prevent and detect fraud

Course outline

  • Gain a thorough Understanding of Procurement Fraud and How to Deal with it
  • Develop a Comprehensive Record of Simple but Highly Effective Fraud Indicators
  • Implement focused Fraud Awareness Training
  • Develop a Discreet and Confidential Whistle-Blowing Process
  • Adopt Data Mining as a Fraud Detection Mechanism
  • Understand the Use of Big Data in Fraud Detection
  • Use Monte Carlo Simulations and Bayesian Networks to target Fraud
  • Understand How to Respond to Allegations of Fraud
  • Be able to Spot When Someone is Lying
  • Implement Successful Fraud Interview Techniques
  • Interpret Body Language with Confidence and Success

To request for the full course outline, you may send email: info@oxford-management.com or call: +971 4 5896164


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.


All Training Courses delivered by Oxford Management by default are eligible for CPE Credit.

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