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An Interactive 5-Day Training Course

Advanced Negotiation Skills

Mastering Negotiation Skills

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12 Sep - 16 Sep 2022



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Course Introduction

“In a negotiation, we must find a solution that pleases everyone, because no one accepts that they must lose and that the other must win” Nabil N. Jamal

“He who has learned to disagree without being disagreeable has discovered the most valuable secret of negotiation” Robert Estabrook

Mastering the ability to negotiate is more important than ever in an increasingly complex commercial, organisational and professional environment that requires us to negotiate to achieve results in almost everything we do. This is required of us not only with customers, clients, suppliers and contractor, but also with managers, fellow employees and colleagues within our own organisation.

This Oxford 5-day Advanced Negotiation Skills training course rationalises and demystifies the negotiation process and delivers highly effective strategies and thinking that give delegates the practical negotiation skills they need to succeed in today’s challenging work environment.


The goals for participants attending this Oxford Management Centre training course are to be able to:

  • Negotiate to an advanced level by understanding key strategies and how to apply them in practice
  • Leverage natural negotiation strengths and identify and improve weaknesses
  • Influence people more effectively and control the negotiation environment
  • Plan, prepare for and manage a range of negotiation scenarios
  • Find and add real value through the negotiation process
  • Understand and leverage different behaviours and attitudes associated with different cultures

Who should attend?

This training course combines role-play learning, practical insights, discussions and leading edge theoretical concepts. It is designed for anyone who wishes to take their negotiation skills to a more advanced level and make it a more rewarding and effective part of their job function.

This will therefore benefit ambitious:

  • Professionals
  • Management Teams
  • Team Members
  • Administrators

Course outline

Amongst a range of detailed topics, the following areas will be covered:

  • The Psychological Drivers of Influence in Negotiation
  • Knowing and Understanding your Own Negotiation Strengths and Weaknesses
  • The‘Win-Win’ and Why it is Misunderstood
  • Packaging Information and Adapting to Different Communication Styles
  • Developing and Utilising Powerful Distributive Negotiation Strategies
  • Harnessing the Value of Integrative Negotiation Strategies
  • How to Use your Own Body Language to Negotiate more Effectively?
  • Understanding and Building Key Sources of Negotiation Power
  • Resolving Disputes - Learning to Mediate to Create Better Deals
  • Analysing and Understanding Different Negotiating Cultural Dynamics

To request for the full course outline, you may send email: info@oxford-management.com or call: +971 4 5896164


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.


All Training Courses delivered by Oxford Management by default are eligible for CPE Credit.

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