An Interactive 5-Day Online Training Course

Administrative Operations and Coordination

Working with People, Plans and Procedures to Maximize Productivity

Course Introduction

Being an administrator of operations and coordinating how, when, and who does what within a team, is a highly skilled activity filled with many challenges.  This Administrative Operations and Coordination online training course will provide a unique opportunity to master the skills required for this job, from the macro to the micro.  From the leadership and management abilities to think big and organize, to the technical skills to plan and create procedures, along with the more subtle skills of communicating clearly and confidently with others.

This Oxford Management Centre online training course will highlight:

  • Basic Project Management
  • Creating well-organized work procedures and workflow
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Solving problems and making decisions
  • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence


This Administrative Operations and Coordination online training course will provide you with the practical knowledge and inner confidence to handle the multi-faceted role involved with administrations and operations. 

By the end of this online training course, you will be able to:

  • Analyze and improve office policies and procedures
  • Develop creative solutions to problems and make decisions
  • Speak confidently and clearly in any public situations
  • Stay calm and communicate assertively with even the most difficult people
  • Delegate effectively and lead and motivate a team

Training Methodology

This online training course will utilize a variety of proven online learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension, retention of the information presented. The training course is conducted Online via an Advanced Virtual Learning Platform in the comfort of any location of your choice.

Organisational Impact

Employees who attend this online training course will add value to their organisation by being empowered to implement the following skills:

  • Communication Skills – The ability to communicate with anyone on any level of the company and customers with confidence and clarity
  • Organisation Skills – Being an organised thinker and making improvements to processes and procedures
  • Project Management Skills – Knowing how to organise tasks, delegate tasks and track progress
  • Administrative Skills – Managing time, tasks and tools to get the job done right and right on time
  • Managing and Leadership Skills – Being comfortable with managing and leaders others from any position in the company

Personal Impact

Delegates who attend this online training course can expect to develop:

  • An increase in motivation and self-confidence
  • An in-depth understanding of different management styles and how to work with them
  • The ability to be more self-aware and manage workplace stress and emotions
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A clearly understand of how to use their time to achieve results individually and with a team

Who Should Attend?

The skills required by those working in Administrative Operations and Coordination are useful for anyone from general managers to office managers.  Anyone who needs to coordinate the work of others to achieve results would benefit greatly from the contents of this course:

Although this Administrative Operations and Coordination online training course is suitable for a wide range of professionals it will greatly benefit: 

  • Office Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Administrative Officers
  • Operation Coordinators
  • Project Managers
  • New Managers and Supervisors

Course Outline

DAY 1 

Administrative Operations and Coordinators at Work 

  • Defining the tasks, skills, and mindsets to be great at the job
  • Managing your roles, relationships, resources, and responsibilities
  • Motivating yourself and others to achieve excellence at work
  • Managing your time and tasks effectively
  • Thinking like a manager and leader – changing your self-image

DAY 2 

Working with Others 

  • Excellent E-communications – from emails to online meetings
  • Assertive communication – express yourself with confidence and consideration for others
  • Dealing with difficult people and situations
  • Personality types at work
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Staying calm in a crisis

DAY 3 

Getting Organised 

  • Streamlining your procedures and policies
  • Thinking clearly – using mind mapping to see the big picture and the details
  • Basic Project Management Skills
  • Taking advantage of technology to manage your workload
  • Keeping your manager/s organized
  • Diary and travel management

DAY 4 

Administrative Tool Kit 

  • Solving problems and thinking creativity
  • Making decisions – logical and intuitively
  • Delegating to get things done through others
  • Giving feedback that motivates others to change
  • Listening like you mean it
  • Handling conflict situations smoothly

DAY 5 

Becoming a Professional 

  • Building your brand and reputation
  • Becoming a leader
  • Leadership styles
  • Empowering others
  • Presenting yourself in public
  • How to structure a presentation
  • Using visuals to help make an impact
  • Continued learning


Oxford Management Centre e-Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.




All Training Courses delivered by Oxford Management by default are eligible for CPE Credit.

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