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An Interactive 10-Day Training Course

Achieving Leadership Excellence

Empowering Proactive Leadership Dynamics

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11 Sep - 22 Sep 2022



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27 Nov - 08 Dec 2022



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05 Jun - 16 Jun 2023



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27 Nov - 08 Dec 2023



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Course Introduction

This dynamic course has been specifically designed for developing leaders with cutting edge change management skills.  Tony Robbins, the World’s number one Peak Performance Coach and Trainer, states that “Success come from taking the initiative and following up with persistence, taking action, and creating a new momentum towards that success!”  That truly sums up the dynamics in successful change initiative!

During these 5 days, participants will be given the opportunity to examine in detail their personal style of change leadership management through a variety of models, tools and processes.   This course is designed, to equip leaders, and strengthen their management skills, and establish positive, healthy inter –personal relationships, through transformed behaviour empowerment, to be the successful, leader / manager, that they would plan to be.

In this Oxford Management Centre training course, we will cover:

  • Fundamentals of High Performance Teams
  • Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback
  • Group Dynamics and Team Decision Making
  • Power Tools of Leadership
  • Performance Management
  • Leadership Strategies

The course is split into two modules:


MODULE I - Building Skills for Working In Teams

MODULE II - Building Personal Leadership Skills

Each module is structured and can be taken as a stand-alone training course; however, delegates will maximise their benefits by taking Module 1 and 2 back-to-back as a two-weeks training course.


In this Oxford life empowering programme you will:

  • Study effective team operations
  • Analyze effective communications strategies
  • Understand how to give and receive effective feedback
  • Consider tools for motivating and delegating
  • Explore leadership styles
  • Examine construction of a learning environment

Training Methodology

Achieving Leadership Excellence consists of ten modules containing lecture content, skill assessments, participative discussions, video presentations and delegate exercises in order to create high impact training.

This training course is designed to be dynamic and highly interactive as well as educational. The primary focus is to provide delegates with concepts and methods which they can put to immediate use in the workplace.

Organisational Impact

  • Higher Levels of Team Performance
  • Improved Communications
  • Higher Quality Team Decision Making
  • More Effective Leadership Strategies
  • Constructive Utilization of Delegation
  • Higher Levels of Organizational Motivation

Personal Impact

  • Heightened team player skills
  • Elevated communication skills
  • Sharpened influencing skills
  • Improved utilization of leadership styles
  • Increased effectiveness in managing performance
  • Greater levels of personal productivity

Who should attend?

This training Course establishes a Leadership excellence platform, from which to create the Organisations next top tier leaders.

 This is suitable to a wide range of professionals, but will greatly benefit:

  • Up coming managers and leaders
  • Those with leadership and managerial potential and capabilities
  • Those who are desiring empowered leadership skills

Course outline

MODULE I - Building Skills for Working In Teams: Igniting Passion & Activating Potential in Teams


Starting From Within – You, The Team Leader

  • Know Yourself as a Team Leader - your strengths and style preferences
  • Examine and Challenge Your Personal Belief System
  • Set Personal Goals To Guide Your Outputs
  • Manage Your Time and Activities
  • Embrace the Power of Role Modelling


Establishing Team Environment, Membership and Roles

  • Learn From What High Performing Teams Do
  • Conduct a Team Purpose Analysis
  • Map Your Stakeholders
  • Build an Energetic Team Environment
  • Identify Critical Team Roles
  • Identify Effective Team Behaviours
  • Learn How Teams Develop


Building Outstanding Team Productivity, Progress and Learning

  • Deploy Motivation Theories in Team Management
  • Get Things Done – How to Influence Stakeholders
  • Influence and Motivate Different Social Style Preferences
  • Help The Team Cope with Change and Develop Resilience
  • Incorporate Systems Thinking for Continuous Team Improvement
  • Use Team After Action Reviews for Continuous Improvement
  • Celebrate Great Team Performance


Building Frictionless Team Communications

  • Understand How Communication Works – and Doesn’t Work
  • Identify and Overcome Barriers to Communication
  • Fine-Tune Your Communications - The Process of Listening
  • Fine-Tune Your Communications - Asking Questions
  • Develop Positive Learning in Teams - Appreciative Inquiry
  • Give Feedback that Improves Performance
  • Manage Meetings Efficiently and Effectively


Dealing with Team Conflicts and Using Them to Improve Team Performance

  • Identify and Avoid Ineffective Team Dynamics
  • Understand and Deal with Dysfunctional Behaviour
  • How to Manage Conflict? – Ground Rules for Effective Conflict Resolution

Creativity for Team Problem Solving and Learning

  • Overcome Blocks to Creativity
  • Adopt a Process for Creativity and Decision-Making


MODULE II - Building Personal Leadership Skills: Creating Stronger Relationships for a Stronger Organisation


Developing Leadership for the Modern Workplace

  • The Challenge of Personal Leadership Development
  • Why personal self-coaching is essential for top performance?
  • Understanding the Power of Transformational Leadership
  • Developing a Personal Leadership Mind-set
  • Characteristics of Highly Effective Leaders


Building Dynamics for Leading Successful Teams

  • How to Select and Prepare for a Successful Team?
  • Discover the Strategy of Building a High Performance Team
  • How to Create and Shape High Performing Achievers?
  • Identifying the Essential Factors in Motivation
  • How to Motivate Yourself and Others?


Developing Top Performance Management

  • How to be a Successful Coach to Shape Peak Performance?
  • What strategic mentoring will do to produce results?
  • Making Performance Appraisal Really Effective
  • Developing a Powerful, Positive Leadership Mindset
  • Utilising the Benefits of Result Producing Delegation


Essential Communication Skills for Leaders

  • How to Utilise Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills?
  • Knowing How to Communicate with Confidence and Impact
  • Understanding Barriers to Effective Communication
  • Understanding Positive, Win-Win Assertiveness in Leadership
  • Developing Powerful Listening Skills

DAY 10

Developing Proactive Leadership Strategies

  • How to Effectively Manage and Lead Change?
  • How to Utilise Empowering Decision-making Skills?
  • Learning Richard Branson’s Strategies for Business Success
  • Discovering and Using the Power of Appreciation
  • How to Develop Your Own Proactive Plan of Action?


Oxford Management Centre Certificate will be provided to delegates who successfully completed the training course.


All Training Courses delivered by Oxford Management by default are eligible for CPE Credit.

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